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The Most Promising Job Industries in 2016

crystal-ball-Yoh-blog.jpgThey say that the average US worker has upwards of seven different careers in their lifetime. If you’re in the market to make a career move or to solidify the direction of your current job, then take a look at the most in-demand industries and job titles of 2016.

While the optimism in a US economic recovery is in full swing, employment rates have yet to catch on to the trend. There are, however, a select number of industries that are projected to boast better than average job availability over the next few years; some of which are entry level positions which only require certification.  


6 Industries that Promise Continued Employment Growth & Opportunity in 2016


Health Care Industry

According to Forbes, the health care industry dominates as the most profitable industry in the country. Obamacare will continue to roll out new regulations in 2016, meaning more work and more open positions. And, as more people become insured, with many facing a deadline to become so early this year, in demand jobs in this field will only grow.

More of a demand means that jobs will likely increase in pay and remain secure. On top of this growth, the health care industry offers some of the most diverse types of jobs. Registered nurses and personal care aides alone are expected to experience some of the largest employment gains in any industry.


Top Health Care Jobs

Physicians and Surgeons
These traditional doctors, and especially those who work at hospitals, have been the highest paid medical workers for a long time, rewarding the hard work they put in. It also accounts for a high amount of those employed at major medical facilities.

General Practitioners
The friendly, patient-focused care doctor still makes good money in the industry, with an average salary that reflects all the work put into patient care.

Natural Doctor
While Natural Doctors have been around a long time, their popularity has been growing. These doctors practice traditional and natural healing methods but with the backing of scientific study. Most states have begun licensing these doctors, a small price to pay with salaries more than doubling in the last five years.


Accounting & Finance Industry

The finance industry has been a stable one for many years now, with continued growth every quarter. It is set to again be in the top three most profitable industries in the United States. This is in despite of recent Federal Reserve rate changes, showing that the industry has growth potential even without government support. Outside of traditional bank environments, small and large financial analyst positions are growing at a huge rate, projected at over 33%. For those with a math mindset, the industry holds many possibilities.

Top Finance Jobs 

Financial Analyst
With a median of $77,280 and a number of diverse ways to practice, this job gives a great mix of income and flexibility. With a growing market easy to break into, opportunities abound.

Accountants can work for personal clients or for corporations, but both avenues present good earning potential. Growing wealth and a good market means more demand.

Personal Financial Managers
With more baby boomers retiring, personal financial advisers have never had more clients. There will be a 41% growth in this field in 2016, one of the highest in the country. It is also among the highest paid jobs in the industry.


Technology Industry

The world runs on technology and behind the scenes that technology runs on the hard-working employees in the technology industry. With the world growing more connected, the demand for workers rises. Computer software engineer jobs are expected to grow 44.6% in 2016. This growth offers a lot of general but also niche positions, providing an opening for the informed to establish themselves as essential. Unless the internet disappears, these jobs will remains relatively secure.


Top Tech Jobs 

Software Engineer
Everything runs on software. Salary comparison shows a median of $80,000 for a job that only requires a bachelor’s degree. Plus, the job stays interesting as new technology requires new adaptation. Those who have been at the job longer can easily break six figures.

Network Analyst
Another growth field, network analysts keep the rest of a business running. By being essential, they have job security. And some jobs only require an associate’s degree.

Computer Programmers
Working in this field almost guarantees a job with good pay in 2016. Companies always need more, and the government has been augmented agencies with more programmers as well.


Legal Industry

This industry will continue to be around as long as people need assistance with anything major in their lives. The industry does not include just lawyers and paralegals. Court staff, expert witnesses, and those working for law enforcement like forensic scientists make this a diverse field. State agencies and law firms hire investigators to help make cases stick. It also comes with the satisfaction that the job really does help people.

Top Legal Jobs 

While this requires a law degree and license to practice, attorneys can choose nearly countless avenues to success. One good case can make a salary balloon, but even corporate attorneys start at a high salary.

Financial Examiners
Legal cases often require those with the expertise to analyze personal and corporate finances, and this job pays for that expertise.

Judicial Assistant
This is the less demanding way to serve the legal system. Judicial assistants work to help courthouses run smoothly in a career that does not require much experience in comparison to earning potential.


Real Estate Industry

With the housing market stabilized, according to REAA blog more buildings, large and small, will be erected. The construction industry will see 1.8 million workers added in the next few years, and those selling real estate will reap the benefits. More land and buildings will change hands in 2016, and those with a real estate career are set to benefit.


Top Real Estate Jobs

Real Estate Agents
In most jurisdictions, this will require a real estate license. But once licensed, real estate agents can enter an in-demand field that can start in the high five figures. Salaries are rising as the market gets better as well.

A fulfilling career designing permanent works of art also provides fulfilling pay. Demand will increase proportionally as construction demand increases as well.

Property Manager
As agents sell more units, people will need those without a real estate certificate to manage them. Firms that provide it as a service and companies that own large buildings need these jobs done right.


Do you agree with this list, or do you think there's an industry we missed? Let us know by shooting us a note in the comments section below. Happy hunting!


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