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Why 2 is the Magic Number for RPO Solutions


A rolling talent deficit is a very scary situation for any HR team to find themselves in. To start, we have to briefly define a rolling talent deficit.  
It’s not just the current list of unfilled jobs that is most troubling, but the “rolling” aspect that negatively impacts everything from the recruiting processes to your perceived employment brand to retention and turnover. 

So how do you measure whether you or your outsourced recruiting process company is running your organization into a talent deficit?  To start this exercise, you first have to remember the following: you are dealing with humans. The timeframe to fill a position is not only specific to the industry you service, but a critical variable to identify now if you haven’t done so already.  

Yoh’s RPO Solutions team found the average time to fill one full-time professional position takes approximately two months. Note, in sectors with known high-turnover, such as clerical or light industrial positions, having vacancies for even short periods of time can have detrimental impacts.

To reveal your company’s talent deficit look at the total number of jobs that go unfilled over a two month period. That formula looks like this:


For the overachievers in the room, expand this over a longer period of time to tracks trends in your talent deficit. For example, let’s say you currently have 25 open positions, and you are able to fill 15 of them. That leaves you with 10 unfilled positions. If you continue the same trend in the next two month period, in reality you will have 35 openings. Consider your recruiting resources stay the same, and on average you fill 60% of your open positions. At this rate, you carry a deficit of 14 unfilled jobs with each two-month period. What about in peak hiring seasons? Inclement weather? Holidays?  

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ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Andy Roane is the Vice President of Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) for Yoh. Roane brings more than 15 years of human capital industry experience to the role, including six years as Vice President of Operations for PeopleScout, where he led RPO engagements with Fortune 500 companies.  To contact Andy Roane directly, email him at



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