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Where To Place Your Logo Design In Your Resume

girl-computerAre you still thinking whether to add your logo to your resume or not? Well, I’m here to convince you to attach it, and I’m even going to show you where to place it.But first, to answer the question you may have right now:


Why Should You Even Put A Logo In Your Resume?

Put yourself in the shoes of an employer or person from human resource, if you received hundreds of resumes, would yours stand out? Your resume is more than a paper with information about you. What’s written there and how you design it says something about you. Your credentials may be impressive, but presentation is everything. 

A neat way to add a personal touch to your resume is simply by including your own logo. If you are a blogger and the job you want is related to the topics you write about, and you have thousands of followers on your social media accounts, all the more reason you should include one. This will let employers know that you are knowledgeable and mean business. Plus, they might recognize you if they are your followers or subscribers.

You might be thinking, “I have a website, but I’m not that popular. Why would I add a logo? It’s embarrassing.” Take this as a chance for them to get to know you better. Naturally, if you include your logo, don’t forget to include your website so your resume recipients can check you out. Even if you don’t get the job, it’s still a win-win because a new person got to know your website.

Already convinced? Good! Now, let’s take a look at some resumes with logos and see where you can also place yours.


Where To Put Your Logo In Your Resume

Top Center

 Top Left

This beautiful resume is designed by Keke Resume Boutique.

The soft pastel colors they used perfectly matched the minimalist design of the logo at the top. Most people put their name above. Placing your logo at the top instead, above your name, instantly catches people’s attention.


Top Left

 Center Left

Take a look at this stunning resume design by AnimaBellus.

It looks clean and professional. Moreover, they placed the logo at the upper left side and emphasized it more by using a black background. This is a subtle and smart way to add your logo. 

If you’re applying for a job related to marketing, operations, or any job that sounds serious, this is the option for you.


Top Right

 Center Right

Placing your logo at the upper right and your name at the left side isn’t a bad idea as well. It’s natural for us to look at the left since we usually start reading at the left side. Employers will automatically start reading your name then look at your logo at the right.

Observe this design by The Resume Boutique. The resume used the colors of the logo so that all design elements are in sync with one another. 


Bottom line

Adding a logo visually and automatically sets you apart from other applicants. Your job experience and educational background are already excellent. Adding a logo and making your resume more eye-catching can help your resume get a closer look rather than a 6-second dismissive glance.

And if you don’t have a personal logo yet, there’s no need to stress out. There are tools like that generates different logo designs for you in seconds, all you have to do is choose and customize.

Presentation is everything especially when it comes to your resume. Go the extra mile and show them who you are. Good luck!


About the Author: Belle Balace is the Marketing Manager at, an online tool that generates logo designs for you.

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