Tech and Human Resources: A Guide to HR Software Trends

flames_from_laptop-203290-editedThe world of human resources (HR) has evolved into more than just adhering to regulations, monitoring payroll, and hiring employees. The changing workforce and the advancement of technology have made it possible for HR tools to accomplish not only traditional tasks, but also to track essential metrics that improve acquisition and retention, allow for cloud-based access, and utilize innovations that give HR managers opportunities to better serve their employees.

As a standard functional department, HR advancements can now be based on data. According to empxtrack, there is a strong need for companies to have robust HR systems:

● 57 percent of organizations view employee retention as a problem.

● New hires that undergo a structured onboarding program are 58 percent more likely to be with the company after three years.

● 75 percent of hiring and talent managers use either applicant tracking or recruiting software to improve their hiring process.

Companies that want to continue to grow have to be competitive in recruitment and retention. Take a look below at trending software that is changing the status quo in the HR management industry.


Track the employee lifecycle – BambooHR

BambooHR handles all the HR basics: benefits, payroll, time and attendance tracking, etc., but it also monitors the employee lifecycle from the moment they apply for the position. This system enables HR managers to answer the question of why individual employees are successful and why others decide to leave by combining all the capabilities of the program. BambooHR shines with its mobile application that allows HR professionals to view staff directories and information while on-the-go. Users can also utilize a performance management module and receive alerts for training deadlines, license renewals, and birthdays.


Hire the right people – Zoho Recruitment

In today’s market, finding the right people can be a challenge. Companies are competing with one another to attract the best. A robust and efficient recruitment system like Zoho can make this even easier. Zoho’s suite of offerings allows users to create and publish job openings, handle resumes, and reach out to candidates. The system provides a 360° view of each candidate and organizes the hiring process in a way that HR managers can take the time to focus on each interested applicant. The program automates a lot of business process related to hiring and automatically creates a profile for each applicant. If managers want to stay competitive and better monitor the hiring process, Zoho may be the best option.


Social Media is more than just a tool for business marketing – Recruitee and iCIMS Talent Acquisition

Typically, social media is only an area of concern for the marketing department. However, businesses are recognizing the candidates and contractors they seek are on social media. iCIMS has a social distribution tool that allows companies to reach out to over 300 social media sites that include niche and specialty sites. On Recruitee, applicants can easily apply with their Indeed or LinkedIn profile while readers can also share jobs on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn. Savvy HR departments realize the power of social media in reaching out to the best candidate for the position, and programs like iCIMS and Recruitee are doing just that.


Some may think HR management is an old-school profession, but these new HR management technologies are here to make the job of attracting and retaining the best people easier. Many of these options do have an affordable tier or free trial for those looking to move forward with implementing an affordable robust system. However, hiring managers need to remember that before they apply any trending technology, they have to determine what support they will need to effectively incorporate the system into an already established strategy. User reviews of HR systems, such as the ones listed on TrustRadius, can help HR Managers discover new tools and ultimately, select the HR software solution that is best for their company.


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About the Author: Chanell Alexander currently resides in Atlanta, GA. When she’s not traveling and trying new restaurants in the Metro Atlanta area, she writes about the latest technology and tools for TrustRadius.

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