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Star Trek, GORN, and Why You’ll Love Yoh’s New Mobile Apply

Gorn-ReallyMobile...The Final Frontier. Okay, maybe not the final (especially when you consider Apple's big reveal), but if you find yourself applying for a job, you need to make sure you're getting your resume out fast and efficiently. 

Unfortunately, many companies’ apply processes are hilariously slow and unrealistic like this cheesy fight scene on 60’s Star Trek I found myself watching at work one day…



Never watched Star Trek? No worries! Here are 5 big things you should know about Yoh's new mobile career site and how it's going to put you light-years ahead of the competition, while making applying a lot easier…

1) Warp Speed Apply!

Applying for a job stinks. We know it. You know it. It just takes too long. Well not anymore, Yoh's, makes applying for a job a cinch and lets you apply within a minute of seeing it! No 100 question personality / IQ test. You can apply to several jobs while sitting with your Grandma as she watches her daytime “stories." After The Price Is Right of course...

2) "Beam Me Up, Scotty!" - Resume Teleportation

With this new mobile technology you can now "teleport" (upload) your resume by 1 of 4 ways. That means you can complete the entire application process on your smart phone or tablet device! You don't have to go through the hassle of emailing yourself the job and then hope you remember to finish applying when you get home from a long day of being awesome. Upload your resume via LinkedIn (or even just use your profile in place of a resume), Dropbox, Google Drive, or Onedrive.

3) Kirk, Picard, or Spock???

Hey. We all have our favorite characters. And we all have our favorite jobs too! Sometimes we see a bunch of jobs we want to apply to, but we're so busy and we can't apply all at once! Kahn!!!!!

Whoah. Lower your phaser, man! Be cool. If you don't have time to apply on your phone, you can simply favorite a job (tap the Heart icon) you like and go back to it under the Favorites section on the mobile site. Your favorites get saved to the mysterious cosmic dust known as "the cloud," so it's not going anywhere.

4) Join the Yoh-Trek Fan Club!

Not joining Yoh’s talent community is like going to a Star Trek convention dressed as Han Solo. Our new mobile site allows you to join the Talent Community faster than Scotty can beam you up! OMG #LightSpeed! In case you’re wondering, joining will set up instant job alerts right to your email, which means less looking for you!

5) To Boldly Go Where No Man Has Gone Before

Finally, as a little bonus, we’ve added a career resources section that will give you direct access to blogs related to helping guide you on your career journey. Not enough? Okay, how about access to our Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn Pages? You’re still not happy? Okayyyy. Don’t forget to check out our Yoh All Stars; that’s where we show our love for the Yoh peeps that boldly go to new career heights!

Hey, I can make Star Trek analogies all day, but that won’t get you a job, so check out and see it for yourself!

This post was written by Mark Baron. Mark is a passionate social media and marketing professional at Yoh focused on making a genuine and valuable connection with his audience. His biggest passions are in building relationships, creating art, entrepreneurship, new technology, and storytelling. He’s lived in Philadelphia for almost five years building his career and enjoying all the opportunities Philly has to offer. Connect with Mark on LinkedIn to learn more!


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