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8 Top Secret Industry Recruiting Solutions


Did you notice how no one in your organization ever owns up to dreadful recruiting processes? The Hiring Manager blames the Recruiter for delivering mismatched candidates. The Recruiter is quick to point out flaws in the HR management system. The Candidate calls out the Recruiter for taking them down what seems like a never ending road. In the end, it’s a loose-loose-loose scenario.  
What’s really important to realize is that when candidates end up in long submittal and interview cycles, the likelihood of them accepting the position shrinks. What’s worse is when the candidate declines the offer, and the vicious cycle resets.

The process for getting candidates into the pipeline and through the process should be efficient and consistent with your brand. Sometimes this means your HR management process may need help.

RPO is no longer just an end-to-end, all-or-nothing proposition. If you are having trouble finding candidates, an RPO can provide an efficient, scalable pipeline for candidates. They can also help refine the recruiting process, so that candidates (and hiring managers) have a better experience, making life easier for everyone. One of the most important things an RPO provider can do is to bring accountability providing a results-based methodology and efficient processes to help strengthen a client’s employment brand. That’s the ‘process’ in ‘recruitment process outsourcing’.

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ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Andy Roane is the Vice President of Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) for Yoh. Roane brings more than 15 years of human capital industry experience to the role, including six years as Vice President of Operations for PeopleScout, where he led RPO engagements with Fortune 500 companies.  To contact Andy Roane directly, email him at




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