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Is RPO the Right Talent Acquisition Strategy for You?


Are you trying to fit Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) into your talent acquisition strategy, but are struggling to identify how or when? If you are looking for ways to improve recruiting at your company it's time to prioritize RPO services to the top of your to-do list. 

Consider this: a good RPO program will look at the effectiveness of the entire recruiting process, including the employment brand, and provide recommendations to improve the recruiting and hiring experience. And, a positive experience in the employee recruiting and hiring process is a good start to employee engagement and thus, a good start to employee retention. However, some organizations (mainly non-HR folks) persist with the notion that the world of talent acquisition is flat, and having HR available to hire and fire people is good enough.

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The Talent Acquisition Wheel

But as you know, talent acquisition isn't flat. The better you engage employees, the better you retain them, the easier it is to recruit them into your company and so on, and so forth. Understanding your company, its culture and your employment brand is critical to not breaking the talent acquisition wheel.

So how does Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) play into this rhythm? Well, to start, talent acquisition is ever evolving. And recruiting is no longer “one-size-fits-all” operation. RPO could be the right talent acquisition strategy for your company, but I'm guessing you'll need a little more than my word to go off of. 


Is RPO Right For Your Organization?

In this webinar, Yoh helped attendees answer that very question. Knowing not every company is comfortable with the idea of outsourced recruiting, the first step is to not think of RPO as outsourcing, but as a talent acquisition strategy.


Taken from the webinar: Is RPO the Best Talent Aquisition Strategy for Your Organization?

RPO is more about reinforcing, strengthening or bringing multiple parts of your business’ employment, hiring, recruiting and retention together into one solid, functioning entity. While it's not often associated with flexibility, RPO provides scalable solutions to your biggest recruitment challenges as it can be implemented in only certain parts of or across the entire recruiting process.  

In determining whether your organization is the right fit for an RPO program, look for areas where it can enhance your current recruiting and talent acquisition strategies, not replace them. If your organization could get on board with this approach, then you've taken a critical cultural step in preparing for the adoption of RPO. 

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