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How To Tell If Your Recruiting Plan Is Based on Chance or Strategy

piggy_bank_1cropped-226682-editedIf your business revolves around making money, then you are in the business of people. Why? Because people make other people money. And really good people, make the ideal employees. But when finding more of these folks gets tough, do you rely on strategy or chance? 

Let's say your company prides itself on finding and retaining the best talent. And because everyone is so awesome at what they do, the company starts growing -- quickly. Suddenly those really great people get really busy, and after a while, their work begins to suffer. Fed up with one too many failed promises and carrying the weight of the new person HR staffed to "help," your best players, your all-stars start walking out of the door. 

So, what happens when companies with really good people have a hard time finding more of them? Many hiring manager's instinct is to call on temporary staffing agencies to fill open positions, but this can prove to be costly if you're talking about high volumes of hiring. Another option might be to bring on more internal folks to assist in recruiting. Great idea, right? Our magic eight ball reads: not so fast, compadre.   

When companies experience unpredictable growth, there's one thing that you can count on: uncertainty. Making the case to bring on more resources might be feasible when you have a strong outlook for continued growth. Otherwise, it's costly and time-consuming to bring on new hires, in this case recruiters, that may no longer be needed in 6, 9 or 12 months. 


4 Proven Benefits of Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) 


If finding the best candidates faster and in less time and money is what you need, then why haven't you considered Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO)? RPO companies are known for being cost-saving centers because they can negotiate better rates with job boards, in turn getting your employment brand more bang for the buck. 

Some companies are better equipped to scale their recruiting efforts, and others struggle to allocate resources accordingly. To give you an idea of whether your recruiting plan relies on a rock-solid strategy or a game of chance, compare your talent acquisition efforts against these four proven benefits of Recruitment Process Outsourcing. 


Increased Candidate Quality

RPO companies take the time to understand the client’s specific staffing needs. They partner to understand both the immediate hiring needs but also the long term strategy. These efforts by the RPO result in a progressively better candidate pool. RPO team members work hard to focus on not just the basic qualifications, but the characteristics that will make a long term employee. This also frees up stressed hiring managers who otherwise probably don’t have the time to do more than a ‘first glance’ review of candidates.

Stable and Consistent Hiring Process

RPOs own the entire recruit-to-hire process. This is helpful with flux in seasonal needs but also offers so much more. Companies with different hiring processes for differing departments and functions can benefit from the efficiency and consistency of a one stop shop that RPOs offer. The streamlined, compliant, best practices of an RPO result in better communication. Owning the process at every step keeps everyone involved, even candidates, up to date and on the same page.

Technology and Metrics

There are a plethora of metric and analytical tools for use in the hiring process. RPOs are familiar with the variety of options and can help companies understand what tools work best based for their specific needs. RPOs can use these many tools to offer customized solutions for hiring needs.

Employment Brand Strategy

Companies relying on RPOs for their hiring needs will rest assured in knowing the process is managed efficiently and effectively. Managers have more time to focus on strategic initiatives, including investing more in their human capital. Partnering with a recruitment expert, businesses can expect that RPOs will adapt and evolve hiring initiatives to the business strategy. Strong candidates matched with strong career options result in a stronger employment brand for companies. These long term benefits will only strengthen a company’s reputation.

many companies often turn to RPO services for quick, last minute, hiring needs. They sadly fail to consider the other additional benefits Recruitment process outsourcing is proven to yield. Cost savings is certainly a benefit to Recruitment Process Outsourcing, and pressures for optimizing costs will always be a top priority for companies. But, understanding how to effectively leverage RPO providers will lead to longer and greater successes within your company's talent acquisition teams.  


This post was written by Amanda Brown. Amanda is a Team Leader supporting HR Operations in a virtual environment.  She lives in Virginia with her family of 4 and enjoys Zumba classes and scrap-booking. 

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