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Recruiting At the Speed of Light

gaming-elementsWhen I started recruiting, the Internet was a quirky new communications medium. Today, the Internet and its myriad of features is the platform for global discussion, debate and anything else you can imagine. Not only is it a prime medium for communication, it is also one that works at the speed of light.

As a Recruiter, I am constantly searching to try and find resources on the Internet to aid in getting my job done, which is hiring the best talent in the shortest amount of time. I think we owe it to our clients to use the latest and the fastest technology to fulfill their Talent Acquisition needs (and by saying this I am not discounting the need for those excellent grassroots tactics that have to be a part of every Recruiter’s toolkit…but that is for another blog!).

Today there are so many online options available to a recruiter that one can be easily overwhelmed. Over the years I have learned to put together a standard list of "go to" resources and that’s where I begin when I need to gain traction quickly on a position.

After my Intake meetings with my Hiring Managers, I lay the groundwork for such a search.

Ask the Present Staff for Referrals

OK- this is a no brainer and I really don’t have to tell you why, but if you insist. Why wouldn’t I want to at least thoroughly screen a candidate that a respected, top performing employee tells me is "SOLID!" I want to find out! Ideally, I would love for my Hiring Management team to hire that referral and let the internal employee see that we value their opinion and appreciate the partnership in the Talent Acquisition process.

Dig Into My Pipeline

Remember that awesome candidate you spoke with six weeks ago and you had not a thing for them? You know the one that you have kept in touch with via email or weekly phone calls. That very same candidate just so happens to have that skill you are looking for! Make sure you cultivate your pipeline of potential candidates that you have spent time interviewing. Keep in touch and make sure you check in periodically to keep them warm so you can reach out to them, gain interest, qualify and move quickly through the interview process.

Learn the Art of Boolean

Too bad George Boole will never know what a profound impact he has made on the legions of Recruitment professionals. Ensure you are armed with the knowledge of Boolean search string development, as I assure you, once you understand how to use it you are bound to get results. Take your keywords and you can XRay and FlipSearch your way to talent so quickly it will make not only your head spin, but your Hiring Manager’s as well! This is a great tool to target the elusive passive talent as well as the active job seeker.

Scrape the Job Boards and Post that Job

Yes, the Boards. No "Source of Hire" snobbery here. Don’t try telling me a database that gets millions of job seekers per month to hit their site is a waste of my time or lacks in quality. I am certainly posting my job on them, and you had better believe that I am going to check there to see if I hit the jackpot during a resume search. I hopefully will get some quality applicant flow and I just might have found the elusive Rock Star in a matter of hours. I post the job through my ATS system and watch it spider out to the internet and expand my reach even further. There are plenty of FREE job posting sites as well. Make sure you keep a list of those that you know work well for you.

Start the Social Media Searches with LinkedIn

That’s right. Can I thank Reid, Konstatin and Allen here? THANK YOU! Thanks for creating the tool that has saved me many hours of panic and distress while I look for the perfect candidate. Whether I do a simple search, Advanced Search, or X-Ray LinkedIn, I am in a win- win situation. During my quest to find quality I can expand my network of potential networking partners, engage possible future talent and gain Intel that is important to my search. The Groups function can also lead you to the "watering hole" where the talent you seek is hanging out. If I am looking to hire a Recruiter to add to our staff, I will look at their LinkedIn profile and see how connected they are.

So what do I do next if I am not riding the wave of search success after all of the above? What if THE candidate is still out there somewhere? I start hitting the social media sites, the blogs, metasearch engines, name generation and try to leave no stone unturned. Pick up the phone and be innovative! Ensuring you map out a solid strategy before your search will keep you organized, focused and hopefully, hiring the perfect candidate.


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