Passive Candidate Sourcing: Why It's Always Hunting Season


Does your search for the perfect candidate feel more like you're hunting exotic game? The best candidates typically reside in small sections of the world, are nearly impossible to identify in their natural environment and characteristically, dwindling in population year-over-year.
As such, this elite group expects to be wooed. Not even so much wooed, as engaged well before they are presented with a job opportunity. This group wants to be listened to and thought of as important even before they join your organization.

The trick here is to passive candidate sourcing is to build lines of communication into the talent communities you need, well before you need them. Here is how you can do exactly that:


Recruit without recruiting 

Always be interviewing and talking to those in and around your industry. Find out where the people in your business or those with the skills you need, hang out.


Network for the jobs you will have open tomorrow, not the ones you have open today 

Once you have the opening, it’s almost too late. Think ahead to the types of positions and types of people you will need to fill. Start networking now in those areas and it will pay off handsomely later.


Make everyone responsible for recruiting 

Have employees strengthen their networks and become active in promoting the company. Brand ambassadors are strong recruiters without even being recruiters.

There are always pro-actives steps you can take to increase your brand's visibilty. Learn what you can do today to fill your talent pipeline. 


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