Movieclips Monday: Playing the talent acquisition field

Talent acquisition can feel a lot like dating. After all, you are seeking the employee with the right skills, attitude, and work experience to help increase your company’s success. The search can be difficult. Many times, you feel like you’re mining through an endless sea of unqualified mates.

This clip from the classic romantic comedy “When Harry Met Sally” demonstrates how frustrating the search for a significant other can be. Many of these frustrations are parallel to the ups and downs of recruiting.


In the movie, Harry and Sally go through a number of potential suitors before they realize that they are perfect for each other.

Talent acquisition doesn't have to be that arduous. You simply need to have the right staffing solutions in place.

In the past, employers had very few avenues through which to gather applicants. Many hiring managers would place an ad in the newspaper and wait for the resumes to follow. Even a steady stream of responses did not guarantee that any of the applicants were qualified for the job.

Today, professional staffing providers are widely used for temporary and permanent placements. By fostering active talent communities, a provider has better access to the candidates with the right skills. These communities are a vital resource in creating a customized talent pipeline for your company’s evolving needs.

Establishing a strong relationship with a staffing provider can be the key to success. However, just like in the dating world, the absolutely perfect candidate might not exist. Therefore, you must be willing to accept that every candidate might need some training to tailor their strengths to the specific requirements.

So, the next time your talent search leaves you feeling discouraged, think of “When Harry Met Sally.” Finding a match isn’t easy, but keeping an open mind and having the right provider and processes in place will help lead you to the employee of your dreams.

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