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Movieclips Monday: Jiro dreams of sushi

As the father of two small boys in a hectic household, it’s a rare treat that I’m able to watch any movies that are non-animated or G-rated.  I recently had the opportunity to watch the film “Jiro Dreams of Sushi”.  This is an inspiring film that details Jiro Ono’s ascension to greatness and unwavering pursuit of excellence.  Jiro is the first sushi chef to ever receive three prestigious Michelin Stars.  He is the proprietor of a small sushi restaurant in the humble confines of a Tokyo subway station.  Customers from across the globe make reservations months in advance for the opportunity to occupy one of 10 seats at his sushi table.  At $300.00 per seat, it is clear that Jiro has created an experience for his customers that is second to none.  You should expect the same from your RPO provider.  When selecting an RPO provider, make sure you understand how they define success for their organization.  Specific areas of inquiry should include infrastructure, employee development and process excellence.


Your RPO provider’s infrastructure will help you determine if you have a long-term partner or a short-term, project based supplier.  Infrastructure discussions will provide transparency into the provider’s ability to be scalable to the dynamic needs of your business.  At Yoh, we are scaled to support short-term project based needs or long-term partnerships that become a strategic necessity for your organization.  Employee development is critical to the success of each partnership.  I’m focusing on the broad based definition of employee development.  Your RPO recruiter is a direct reflection of your organization.  Therefore, it is critical that the recruiter is supported by the RPO provider through education, advancement and opportunity.  At Yoh RPO, we focus on the development of our employees and it is reflected in the tenure of our employees and our partnerships.  Process excellence will ensure that the recruiting strategies deployed for your company are congruent with your business, local, state and federal requirements.  Additionally, a solid process will enable Your RPO provider to focus on recruiting perfection and avoid process hiccups that deter this key deliverable.

As service providers, we strive to create an experience for our customers that is second to none.  The recruiting process appears simple at the core (i.e. sourcing and attracting top talent for our customer organizations) but it’s much more complex.  When selecting an RPO provider, it is critical that you determine your goal for the partnership.  Is it one in which you expect quick, high volume candidate generation (Supermarket Sushi) or a wing to wing concierge level of service that is highly valued by all stakeholders (Jiro’s Sushi)?  It’s important to understand the capabilities and commitment of your provider.  At Yoh RPO, we have the ability to support each customer to the specifics of their unique requirements.  Through thorough discussion and understanding at the discovery phase of each project or partnership, make sure you are mindful of the expected results and how the RPO provider compliments those results.

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