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Movieclips Monday: IT staffing and your next big idea

This week’s movie clip comes from the Academy Award-winning film, “The Social Network.” If you haven’t seen it, I highly recommend you do. Forgetting the subject matter and how accurate or inaccurate it might be, the film is incredibly scripted by Aaron Sorkin, shot by Jeff Cronenweth, and directed by David Fincher. (The Regatta scene is perhaps one of the top 10 most beautifully filmed scenes in American film history, in my opinion anyway.)

But moving on to the connection to IT staffing. In the following scene, Harvard student Mark Zuckerberg has an epiphany that would significantly impact The Facebook, the fledgling website he is working on.

This moment, while surely embellished for dramatic effect, illustrates the type of value that corporate IT must seek out in handling the profession’s uncertainty. IT staffing partners can and must play an important role in helping companies navigate the landscape of rapid technology changes. Providers must supply coverage to keep the status quo up and running while evaluating the impact of any proposed change. Most importantly, they must provide opportunities and outlets for epiphanies such as young Zuckerberg’s.

The evolution of telephony demonstrates how IT staffing can fulfill these roles. Yesterday’s hardware issues and dependency on telephone service providers has given way to more complex solutions. Now enterprise video communication and collaboration is a necessity. This shift impacts the corporate IT footprint in a number of ways, including new hardware options, software compatibility, and network bandwidth. An organization’s migration to sufficient video services almost always requires help from IT staffing providers to quickly plug in staff to help implement the video offerings or keep the lights on elsewhere. Moreover, IT staffing helps identify the epiphany-like moments that the young Zuckerberg has in today’s clip.

Consider the exchange in the scene above. Zuckerberg is portrayed as a completely introverted personality driven by a strong desire to fit in and impress a girl that he failed miserably to connect with earlier in the film. He likely would never have thought of the idea of the relationship status for Facebook simply because it was not how he approached the matter. This is in contrast to Dustin, who is obviously consumed by the notion of relationship status.

Similarly, temporary professionals delivered by IT staffing providers have a broad set of experiences, especially when they have built their careers by accepting temporary positions. They can bring to the table fresh and objective perspectives that the organization might not have considered otherwise.

Before we close, let’s jump back to the video collaboration example. It’s more than likely  that your IT staffing provider has been involved in far more video integration projects than anyone within your current team combined.

Therefore, the question to take away from today’s clip is: Does your IT staffing provider bring fresh perspectives to your organization? Because it should. If it already does, are you listening to these perspectives? Turning a stronger ear toward your temporary technical professionals and the IT staffing providers that brought them to you just might bring about an epiphany that causes you to run across the snow-covered quad in flip-flops.

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