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Movieclips Monday: RPO … Actually

Whenever I travel for business, I think about the 2003 British comedy “Love Actually.” The film’s opening scene shows Heathrow airport with a voiceover from the lead character, David (played by Hugh Grant). David says that whenever he gets sad about the state of the world, he thinks about the arrival gate at an airport terminal. He suggests that if you ever think there is not love in the world, just watch friends and families welcome their arriving loved ones and you’ll realize that love actually is all around us.

The plot continues to follow several characters as they try to overcome challenges in love, family, and relationships. Here is one of my favorite scenes, in which Colin Firth’s character proposes to a woman after rising above a language barrier.


What I like most about “Love Actually” is that all of the love stories in the film are linked in some way. For example, by the end of the movie you might find out that your two favorite characters are siblings or best friends or at least have several friends in common.

Similarly, much of what we, as recruiters, do is through linkage. Good recruiters help clients meet their human capital needs and assist job seekers to find success. Today, landing a job is not just a matter of what you know from a skills perspective. Just as important to the process is making effective employment connections.

Here are three common ways that recruiters can use networking to link people to jobs. The tactics might vary in reach and the range of collaboration, but they are the common basis of establishing a connection.

  1. Use social media to create formal or informal ties with candidates through meaningful, exploratory conversations.

  2. Tailor job posts and outreach into easily digestible materials that sell the features of the job and give candidates quick and easy access to job opportunity information.

  3. Establish formal methods with clients for referring and placing job candidates, even if the job is not immediately available.

At Yoh RPO, we combine our recruiting expertise and resource management experience to deliver a range of solutions.  We are passionate about our connections and linking jobs to people – actually, we’re pretty good at it.

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