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In case you missed it: March 18

As of Sunday, spring will have officially sprung. Recent reports indicate that some of your workers will be springing too--out of their current positions and into new jobs.

A piece on TLNT analyzed a recent study by Harris Interactive on behalf of Plateau Systems. The study found that 74 percent of employed full time/part time and not self-employed workers would consider a new job opportunity. Higher salaries (57 percent), a need for general change (31 percent), and a lack of career or advancement opportunities (29 percent) were the reasons listed for this willingness to change jobs.

In addition, there is a chance that some of these passive job seekers will be poached by the competition. A e-mail survey of tech hiring managers found that 54 percent expect that tech poaching will become more aggressive this year, as hiring in IT is expected to hit its highest point in a decade.

Although, there might still be some hope. A survey by Accenture found that while half the workers surveyed reported they were dissatisfied with their jobs, just 30 percent had plans to switch employers. Rather, FINS reported that these employees were looking to find better experiences in-house.

As we've discussed before, employee engagement is a major factor in retaining your top employees. Respect is the foundation for this engagement. SmartBlog on Leadership identified seven critical ways that managers can show their employees respect: recognition, empowerment, supportive feedback, partnering, expectation setting, consideration and trust.

This post was written by Anna McMenamin, former Client Solutions Manager at Yoh.   Learn more about Anna.

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