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In case you missed it: Jan. 21

The composition of the workforce isn't the only thing that's changing these days. We're also starting to see shifts in the way companies recruit talent -- a result of new technologies, shifting candidate demographics, and an escalating war for [qualified] talent.

Here are just a few recent examples of evolving recruitment techniques.

Recruiting Trends: "Top Employers Announce a Transformation in Online Recruiting." The official announcement of the .jobs Universe, which we wrote about last week. The universe offers tens of thousands of geographic, industry, and occupational websites ending in the .jobs suffix. More than 500 leading companies are involved in the initiative, which will change how job-seekers search for employment online.

The Wall Street Journal: "Recruiters Rethink Online Playbook." A recent survey by the Corporate Executive Board found that 24 percent of companies plan to decrease their use of third-party employment websites and job boards this year, which they say generate mostly unqualified leads. Instead, 80 percent of companies will increase their use of other online resources, such as LinkedIn and Facebook, as well as employee referrals. Recruiters will take on more of a head-hunting role, and will be responsible for proactively networking and finding candidates with specific expertise.

Workforce Management: "Ad Firm Turns to Twitter for Intern Applications." As an example of companies using alternative methods of online recruiting, one advertising firm in Minneapolis is collecting applications for their summer internship positions via Twitter. Candidates for the positions will have a week and a half to submit 13 tweets positioning themselves for the job.The Wall Street Journal: "Battle for Tech Geeks: Street vs. Silicon Valley." Even the perks are changing and becoming more elaborate. Some financial firms, in an attempt to lure IT talent out of Silicon Valley, are going beyond competitive salaries. Shuffleboard, pool, ping-pong, video games, exercise rooms, paintball excursions, and box tickets to sports games and other cultural events are among the latest incentives companies are offering employees.

This post was written by Anna McMenamin, former Client Solutions Manager at Yoh.   Learn more about Anna.

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