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In case you missed it: July 9

First off, a big thank you to our Founding Fathers for giving us our independence, but also for setting the foundation for what would become a shortened work week. I'm sure I speak for everyone when I say our day off on Monday was much appreciated (and needed)!

And now, to this week's recap. We're seeing more and more discussions lately about the recruiting strategies and best practices that will help organizations identify and secure high impact talent as they rebuild their staffs. In particular, there is a sharp focus on how to leverage social networks and best connect with younger workers who have carried the burden of unemployment. Facebook Apps Cover Both Sides of Recruiting Coin. With more companies and job seekers attempting to sync up online, the tools and apps available to do so are becoming increasingly more intuitive. Three new Facebook apps are making the recruiting process easier. Hire My Friend helps your Facebook friends spread the word about their job search. Work for Us gives employers a forum for posted jobs to their Facebook pages. And Jobvite Source matches open opportunities to employees and friends. Generation Y-Not: Retaining and Engaging Gen Y in the Workplace. Gen Y represents a growing portion of the workforce. The way in which they approach work and life differs from previous generations. This post explores the mindsets, technologies, and cultural shifts that are shaping the way these younger workers approach employment. It also offers recommendations for creating a workplace that is appealing and stimulating for this generation. How to Recruit Passive Candidates. The recruiting process for passive candidates should be different from the one you use to attract candidates actively searching for a new job. When recruiting passive candidates, you should also change your measurements of success from a speed-to-hire to quality-of-hire model.

CIO: Social Networking Ever More Critical to Job Search Success. A recent survey by Jobvite found that HR and recruiting professionals view social networks as a viable channel for sourcing candidates, and these tools will play an increasing role in recruiting this year. Specific findings: Seventy-three percent of respondents use social networks or media to support recruitment efforts. Fifty-eight percent of respondents have successfully hired candidates through social networking websites. LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter are among the most popular social sites utilized during recruiting.

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