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Implementation Doesn't Have to Mean Intimidation

iStock_000052840770_XXXLarge.jpgI, too, cringe when I hear the word implementation. It is riddled with feelings of intense change, process, anticipation, and stress. Let’s face it, poorly executed RPO implementation and lack of total talent acquisition program adoption can derail even the best intentioned RPO solution. But, with proper planning and consistent structure the impact can be alleviated.





Tackling Change Management 

Even simple adjustments like the recent time change can cause a great impact on normalcy. The time change can mean a new sleep schedule, modifications to the clocks in the house and car, perhaps even dinner time changes. In gearing up for the change, some individuals may keep their same schedule so that the consistency will help drive better performance. While others may gradually plan for the impact by doing an early adoption of the time change. This is change management at its finest. Our future success is highly dependent on our ability to continuously change and evolve.

Although change management is often the most underestimated portion of any implementation, we believe it must be the overarching component that provides the foundation for the partnership over the length of the Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) program.


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Implementation Catered to You

At Yoh, we recommend developing a co-sponsored change strategy with our RPO partners. Based on our passion to understand our RPO client’s culture and organizational structure, Yoh’s Implementation Team works to design and execute a delivery that is targeted, strategic, and encourages full program adoption.

Our RPO’s approach is one that includes a change management strategy that integrates people, process and technology. To that end, we incorporate a rigorous project governance model. Throughout the length of RPO implementation, Yoh’s Implementation Team will work closely with our clients to develop and implement solutions to any issues encountered. People being at the forefront.

Yoh’s resources are our most valuable asset to supporting an RPO Implementation and are engaged right from the start. These resources are the heart and soul of our ability to drive long-term success. From our leadership to our recruitment team, we have a structure that has close oversight and commitment to our client's goals. This includes productivity and performances metrics that the team is held responsible to attain. 

A RPO provider should hold themselves accountable to partnering with their client and catering a program that is right for them. If the provider is a true partner, the implementation should be seamless and smooth, because you are involved every step of the way. When the process is transparent, it makes the word Implementation not so scary after all. 



About the Author: This blog was written by Katie Duffy. Katie is a staffing and recruiting professional with more than 15 years of experience in corporate staffing and consulting services. She currently serves as an RPO Director for Yoh and leads a full RPO engagement for a global agribusiness company. Katie’s expertise spans operations management; large account development and management; developing and implementing talent strategies; start-up experience; recruiting and resource management; and management of professional recruiting staff.

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