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How to Develop & Optimize Your Mobile App for Search Engine

Website designer working digital tablet and computer laptop with smart phone and graphics design diagram on wooden desk as conceptPeople still Google to find their required apps or compare between apps before choosing the appropriate one. This is why apps are increasingly finding search engine ranking as an effective way to boost the visibility of apps and gain traction. Despite the increased footfall of app users across the App Store and Play Store, most people still look for apps through Google.

But app marketplaces of Apple iOS and Google Android have a different way of ranking apps than the web search results. Most apps likely want to take advantage of the Google search ranking to ensure optimum discoverability. If you want to know how to create an app from scratch, 

knowing SEO techniques for increased visibility of apps in Google results is equally important. 

Do you want to know how to use web search results to optimize your mobile app marketing? Well, here are our time-tested and successfully tried tips.

SEO ranking factors

Like web content, apps are also listed in search engine results because of specific keywords, app reviews and ratings, and relevant and authoritative backlinks. Let us see how in the context of mobile app visibility in search engine rank, these factors work.

  •    Using appropriate keywords: Mobile apps should use the right keywords to ensure higher search engine results. To find the right keywords, it is advisable to use Google Keyword Planner or other third-party tools and use the keyword naturally in the description text and the app title.
  •    Ratings and reviews: The app reviews and ratings received by your app impact the ranking and visibility in the App Store and Play Store and affect the app's ranking in search engine results.
  •    Relevant and quality backlinks: Search engine ranking depends too much on backlinks from relevant, high-quality, and authoritative websites. When different media channels talk about your app and provide the app store link in their websites, it helps with increased visibility in search engine ranks. To begin with, provide the link of your App Store or Play Store download page right within your mobile website.


Capitalize on the organic search

People can use long-tail keywords or search terms to look for your app in the Google search engine. Such organic and natural search can yield results as the preview of your app. For a custom mobile app development company, targeting organic search results is of utmost importance.

With such a preview, app information can be displayed with standalone snippets from the Google Play Store. The snippet will show the app name, app icon, app rating, and the app description's initial sentence, followed by an install button to allow interested users to click the button and visit the app page in the Google Play Store. 


App indexing to target searches for particular app content

Google ranks entire apps and allows search engine crawling within the app to find and rank screens from within the app. You need to capitalize on this app indexing to find and rank app content from Google Search. This allows engaging all your existing customers easily with the new app.

App indexing is a powerful way to engage new users as well. When new app users make specific search queries relevant to the app, Google in the search engine page can showcase some pertinent apps for the query with buttons for installation.

With app indexing, you know that Google indexed the app, and the app will be visible in search engine results. Lastly, higher indexing will ensure a better rank in the Android Play Store as well. To utilize the power of app indexing, you need to integrate into your app the app indexing API.


Reach out to Media and Influencers

To make your app a popular and well-circulated buzzword, any app marketing team needs to reach out to the media and influencers. When industry-appreciated and well-known people start talking about your app, Google will highlight this, and this will ensure sending more traffic to your business page and your app listing page.

There are many successful instances of reaching out to the media and helping your app get quick visibility among the target audience. Most successful apps do not miss any chance of reaching out to the media at the right time and context. Whenever a new feature is launched, or the app user experience is given a makeover with some crucial value additions, the news is released in the media to draw the audience's attention about what they can do with the app.

Remember, for any form of digital marketing, influencers such as well-known bloggers, celebrities, industry stalwarts and well-connected personalities in various circles can play an influential role. For your app to hit search engine results frequently, these influencers can play a significant role.

First of all, you need to make a list of influencers from various circles who hold considerable influence on your target audience through their opinions. The NinjaOutreach and BuzzSumo are two great tools to find the right influencers in your domain or niche.

You should also target micro-influencers or influential people in local and small circles with significant outreach and impact. Social media content publishers with a large following among your target demographics can be very impactful to help you reach out to the right influencers at the right time.  

Reaching out to major celebrities and online heartthrobs is also a great way to generate quick buzz. But this may prove to be expensive as they charge for opinionating favorably for commercial products.



Now, it is clear to you that app marketing in-app platforms and search engines should go side by side to derive optimum results. If you want to create a strong buzz in the market, these methods of boosting SEO output will be invaluable. 

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About the Author: Vincent Martinot is a Managing Director of EurecaApps an App Development Belgium-based firm that builds an online presence by offering mobility solutions to SMBs and Tech Startups. They have built various kinds of mobile app for different businesses. He is an active writer and In his leisure time, he loves to write informative blogs on different aspects of app development.

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