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3 Ways to Attract Top Tech Talent

catch_me_runningThe times they are a-changing for information technology professionals. What was once a seller’s market has quickly pivoted in favor of buyers, placing the balance of power in the hands of the industry's top coders, developers, systems analysts, and engineers.  

And the reality is what motivates technology professionals has vastly changed over the few years. Understanding how to engage and attract tech talent is a matter of understanding your unique market and what's driving industry trends. Let's dive into top three ways you can attract top tech talent into your organization.




1. Technology Talent Values Tools & Experience

Technology evolves at a pace fast enough that IT technology professionals need to have access to the latest systems, tools, and devices if they want to stay current and valuable. And tech candidates are keenly aware of this need.

To keep their talents sharp and gain exposure, tech candidates are looking for the latest and greatest technologies and platform in order to stay relevant and remain employable. Employers who understand the drive to learn, advance, and evolve, and put in place training and certification programs, have a unique advantage in winning over top technology professionals


2. Be Prepared to Talk Compensation, Not Money

What positions do you need to fill? How long is the engagement? What’s the budget? These are just a few of the questions you need to answer to uncover the right technology talent. But introspection is only half the battle. You also need to know the playing field.

How competitive is the market in your geography, industry, and technologies? What’s the going employment rate in dollars, benefits, and incentives? Can you recruit locally or will you have to import talent from around the country, maybe from around the world? By understanding the market, you can more effectively apply your recruitment dollars against real-world expectations and objectives.

Last, consider that compensation doesn't always equate to salary requirements. Understand the competition's benefits package, and get crafty with yours. What unique proposition do you bring to the table that the office down the street can't offer. Sometimes thinking far enough outside the box is what it takes to lure leading technology talent to your organization.  


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3, Look at the Bigger Picture

Don’t believe for a minute that recruitment is all about the money. Study after study suggests that it’s the intangibles of leadership, vision, and sense of purpose that attract talent and keep them in their seats. And in information technology, that sense of purpose is often a shared experience, a team that congeals talent into a cohesive, effective unit that drives a project forward.

What is the culture of your IT mission? Do individuals feel valued and appreciated? Do they work collaboratively, in support of one another and for the greater good? The ability to build that culture and communicate it through the recruitment process represents a strategic advantage overlooked by most employers


Tech talent again has claimed the upper hand as more companies seek to grow than simply sustain. And remembering the new wants of technology talent, employers can acquaint themselves well, and pursue their next hire in sync with the market’s changes.



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