2019 Talent Acquisition Predictions

Confident businesswoman with arms on waist standing on topAcquiring talent in 2019 is likely going to be harder than it was in 2018, and that was no picnic. Why? Maybe not for the reason you think.

I won’t make you wait until the end to get the answer to that question. My answer is that it’s going to get more difficult because there are so many options. Whether you focus on people, processes or technology, you are going to have to make some decisions. And those decisions haven’t gotten any easier. So, what will happen in 2019? Here are a few thoughts or “predictions,” but I’m pretty sure the majority of us will have to deal with most of these in 2019.




Technology Ramps Up for Some, Down for Others 

In 2019 technology will either be a good thing or a bad thing. Artificial intelligence (AI) is the next big thing, right? Yes, for some. For others, a decidedly human touch is the key. The point is: Don’t bank on technology saving your talent acquisition butt. It may help in some areas, but may not in others. Choose carefully and don’t over-invest in technology. Also, make sure humans are involved in all steps. Job seekers want to talk to you, or they don’t. It’s their choice.


You Will Have to Re-think Your Talent Acquisition Strategy

There’s a simple equation that says you can have either speed or quality. Not both. I won’t list it here since I assume you were told there would be no math. But you know the equation, and in 2019 it will be hard to get either. No talent acquisition program can survive on auto-pilot. Be prepared to change your strategy and create micro-strategies for specific areas. And be prepared to use technology, or not (see above).


Job Boards Will Have to Evolve (Again)

We renew our agreements every year. I’ve been doing it for close to 15 years, but right now it’s changing faster than ever. With AI, social media, aggregators, large media companies and venture capital interest, the job boards, which used to be a relatively stable staple of talent acquisition, will need to change. We’ve come too far, and we know too much. There’s no one “big” one, but instead, fewer bigger ones with the need for several other resources to use when and where they are needed. Again – don’t over-invest. Test, evaluate and keep asking for more from the job boards.


Job Seekers Will Continue to Have the Power 

 Duh, right? Well, the thing is, maybe this doesn’t ever change from here on out. There’s more information, connection, disconnection and choice for a job seeker than ever. As mentioned above, technology only gets you so far. And, you have to balance speed and quality. Do you spend time creating a pipeline for the future or just fill the jobs you have now? The answer is “yes.” You have to do both. But both take time and humans will have to be involved at some point. Because recruiting is really sales (to the job seeker). I’ll say it again: Job seekers want to talk to you or they don’t want to talk to you. It’s their choice – remember that.



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