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Harris Poll Survey Highlights Employees’ Shifting Mindset on Careers and Personal Finances

GettyImages-914622716Rising concerns of a U.S. recession in 2023 has driven employees to take action in protecting themselves against future economic futility. New survey data from The Harris Poll on behalf of Yoh reveals nearly 3 in 10 employed Americans are more likely to seek work outside of their existing job to supplement their current income. This group of people are considering taking on a second job or side hustle to stay afloat. 


The results from the participants surveyed (1,097 Americans ages 18+ employed full- or part-time), signals employees’ willingness to engage in riskier behaviors despite this unknown economic climate. Some behaviors include going above and beyond at work taking on new projects, working longer hours for no additional salary, and considering new employment.

These are the findings collected from the Yoh/Harris Poll.






Employers beware

While many employees, according to the survey, are willing to demonstrate their increased loyalty to the organization, it is up to the employer to not take advantage of their employees. It is up to the employer to uphold the values of the company and compensate their employees properly for their time and efforts. Continue to praise your employees for their talent and offer them flexibility, keeping in mind the percentage of employees surveyed that are willing to find employment elsewhere as talks of a potential economic recession continue.

If you would like more information regarding the survey the Harris Poll conducted on behalf of Yoh, you can read the entire press release here.

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