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Charlotte’s Growth Beneath the Surface: The Race to Become a Key Player in the Information Technology Market

GettyImages-1130161854Charlotte, North Carolina is taking off as a city with a diverse and ever-growing market for tech jobs. In 2021, CBRE recognized the city as a top tech job creator and attracter. In fact, Charlotte ranks fifth out of the top 50 U.S. markets for adding approximately 7,500 IT jobs into its workforce. Many big tech companies are migrating to the Queen City, aiding in the addition of those IT jobs for many years to come. Let’s dive deeper into this city’s tech growth and why techies are getting their start in Charlotte.


Thanks to Charlotte’s diverse economy, many industries contribute to the flourishing market- specifically the IT market. Here are the top factors making Charlotte a hub for tech roles.

1. Startup Opportunities

Tech startups are looking to Charlotte as one of the fastest-growing cities in the state, bustling with opportunities to recruit top tech talent to power their new businesses. Many businesses are reporting massive growth in this city with the resources and talent to expand on their products/services and reach success in ways they never planned.

Due to The Great Resignation taking place, many techies are recognizing the skills they have and how they can find remote roles that are paying more and challenging them to build upon their skillsets. Enter startups, the perfect environment to do just that. Be aware that some startups receive different rounds of funding at various times. Stay on top of when particular startups are hiring, and don’t be afraid to revisit job opportunities with them at a later date.


Charlotte is home to many leading banks and corporations, such as Bank of America and Wells Fargo. As the second-largest banking industry in the United States behind New York, this city is quickly growing with tech job opportunities to support the growth. Fintech startups, in particular, have flocked here to support these larger corporations recruiting top tech talent. 

Honeywell, a multinational conglomerate corporation focusing on various tech-driven industries such as aerospace, building technologies, and healthcare, recently moved their global headquarters to Charlotte. The company pledges to bring even more tech jobs to the Queen City. Not to mention, Lowe's new global technology center is not far away in Moorseville, employing 2,000+ tech employees.

3. lower cost of living

More than 52,000 high-tech talent workers live and work in Charlotte. The lower cost of living is a significant draw to kicking off your career in this bustling city. The cost of living is 5% lower than the national average, and the housing prices sit at 14% lower than the national average. For techies, specifically those working within the baking and finance industries, the move to Charlotte is much more cost-effective than NYC. You'll still be able to snag top tech jobs but save on some of the most significant expenses. As this city continues to grow in the tech space, more and more techies will continue to flock to this lower-cost city, so get here now while you can!

4. research potential

North Carolina's universities bring unmatched tech talent into the Charlotte market... and big companies flocking to NC have noticed. Lowe's recently donated $1.5m to UNC Charlotte to support AI research. Giving these students hands-on experience with the latest in AI and Machine Learning technology promotes the pipeline for graduates to join NC's tech workforce.

Research Triangle Park, stretching 7,000 acres across Durham and Wake counties, is where many Charlotte tech all-stars gain experience to tackle the most inventive tech roles. 300+ businesses ranging from R&D to tech innovation and advancement startups operate within The Triangle. Three major universities (Duke, North Carolina State University, and UNC Chapel Hill) anchor this science park, fostering collaboration and invention to support the Charlotte and NC tech market.

5. diverse tech talent

Tech companies in 2022 are evaluating the makeup of their teams and taking steps to make improvements in diversity, equity, and inclusion. Charlotte prides itself on having one of the most diverse tech talent workforces. Many women in tech are choosing North Carolina to grow their careers. NC is ranked as the #2 state in the country for the percentage of women in the tech force. UNCC tech graduates boast the largest representation in its programs of students of color and women, both populations vastly under-represented in the industry.

Charlotte also offers diverse opportunities for techies with all skillsets to thrive. From digital marketing and fintech to cloud development and manufacturing, IT enthusiasts have no lack of opportunities to build a career in the Queen City. In a sense, every tech company is a tech company, and this city is home to some of the top tech talent in the nation.


Though unassuming, Charlotte has been making significant headway as a leader in the country for Information Technology. As tech advances, more startups pop up, and more corporations make their way to the city, it will only continue to grow as a tech hub. Charlotte is home to many movers and shakers in the tech market- Come see for yourself!

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