How Seriously Do Employers Take Professional Certifications?

Guy_suite_with_starWhether you're up for a promotion or just wish to take your career to the next level, an industry certification seems like a fast (and easy) way to achieve professional greatness. But how seriously do employers really take them?  The answer might surprise you.  

To start, certification programs rose by 25% after the recession. According to acting deputy director of the office of post secondary education at the the Department of Education, while it's not a replacement for a traditional associate's or bachelor's degree, individuals who go on to obtain a professional certification can see the return on their investment (aka increased salary).

So we did a little digging, and found this article by GOOD Education that indicates, "On average, certificate holders earn about $39,000. That's less than the $54,000 a bachelor’s degree holder earns but it's more than the $29,000 the average high school graduate takes home. And, depending on the certificate you go for, you can actually end up with a higher paying job than someone with more education."

15 of the Best Certifications to Invest In

By now, you're likely wondering which certifications hold their weight on the negotiation table. We found the 15 of the best industry certifications for today's marketplace. Rounding out the top three: project management, construction, and radiography.

With the rising cost of tuition, you have to wonder, is online learning and/or specialized certification programs a viable competitor to higher education?

Well, perhaps not just yet, but certifications can greatly benefit both employers and employees. That's because as we emerge into the era hyper-specialization, more and more organizations are looking to employees to own a particular function or skill within the company. Industry certifications are a cost-effective way to accomplish this goal without putting either party too far in the red. 

Leading Accreditation Program for Contingent Labor Professionals

With the CW Solutions Forum and Summit just around the corner, we'd be remiss if we didn't mention the exclusive certification program offered by this global adviser on contingent workforce strategies. The Certified Contingent Workforce Program (CCWP) is accreditation program that provides internal corporate buyers of staffing, RPO, MSP and/or VMS services real-world experience in a classroom setting. With eminent rise of contingent or temporary staffing, CCWP is a great way for organizations to gain an industry expert at their organization.

For a full break of the Certified Contingent Workforce Program, download the course brochure here.

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