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Your Voice Matters When It Comes to Employee Engagement!


What does employee engagement mean to you?  You may say things like the opportunity for a great career path, a good work-life balance, opportunities for training, working with new tools or on new projects, etc.  The fact is that what engages talented employees is as diverse as the multifaceted professionals within the workforce.  Whether it is diversity in terms of age, tenure, skill sets, or industry, having an accurate perspective on one’s employee base can do wonders for implementing and reinforcing the key drivers that promote individuals to thrive within your company.

At Yoh, employee feedback is solicited regularly via an anonymous employee engagement survey to help with bridging gaps between perception and reality.  Based off of the most current results, Yoh’s leadership team has developed a Cultural Ambassador program comprised of employees from all areas of the company.  These ambassadors are tasked as representing the voice of their peers.  In doing so, they will be driving the initiatives and projects that the collective most desire to promote an environment of professional excellence as well as to enrich the culture of our company. Ultimately these efforts will result not only in continually engaging our dynamic workforce, but assisting us in attracting additional talent to our teams.

Likewise, understanding the needs and motivations of our contingent workforce is equally critical.  American Staffing Association (ASA), of which Yoh’s President Lori Schultz is a new board member, is currently running its Staffing Employee Survey to gather demographic information on temporary and contract employees who worked in 2013.  Key areas of interest in the data gathering are to understand what these employees ascribe and value most as contingent professionals.  From work-life balance to greater career options and opportunities to learning more diverse skills, having a current pulse into what ultimately drives professional satisfaction better enables advocacy and the ability to increase engagement efforts for this segment of the workforce.

Efforts such ASA’s survey and Yoh’s Cultural Ambassador program are invaluable because they provide a platform in which the power of the collective voice can help drive the initiatives that employees are seeking for career satisfaction and development. In addition, it really helps everyone within the work environment to level-set or calibrate what is needed to facilitate true engagement.

If you are or have been a Yoh contract employee during 2013 take the ASA survey today so the Power of Your Collective Voice can be heard; don’t wait, the survey closes on 2/28/14! 


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