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Case Study: Using A MSP To Stay Afloat

Lost_at_sea_Yoh_blogThink about all of the water in your life. Do you ever wonder how it came to be so easily at your disposal?You could be washing your hands, cleaning the dishes, doing your laundry, taking a shower, swimming in the pool or simply taking a drink; you are able to complete all these mundane tasks – thanks to H2O. Americans are surrounded by water, and are surely using a lot of it; the average American uses anywhere from 100 to 175 gallons of water a day. How much water do you use?Whether you are using more or less, there are companies out there who manage and control your drinking water and wastewater. Yoh happens to work directly with one of them.With a total of 53,000 community water systems in the United States, one can only imagine the breadth of expenses and decisions the client must constantly deal with. Operating for more than 100 years, they knew how to get the job done, but before partnering with Yoh, could not solidify a way to track all of their hard work.


The Dilemma

“What are we spending money on?”

The client couldn’t answer this question for the longest time. Water-related services are needed all throughout the country so to make sure all consumers are being accommodated, it was urgent to begin recording all expenses, vendors and employees over not just one, but all 46 states they operate in.


The Strategy

Since managing public water utilities is such an important business, Yoh decided to wash out all previous tracking tactics in order to introduce one successful, efficient process.

Taking on the role of Managed Services Provider, it became Yoh’s goal to take a twisting dive into every area of the water-services business: manual labor, light industrial, administrative, clerical, call centers, executive-level account positions and IT. Yoh wanted to organize the way that each of these businesses tracked individual spending and resourcing.


The Impact

Collecting scattered information and data from all over the place, Yoh organized and created a central process for keeping permanent and temporary staff, past and present vendor relationships, supplier information, expenses, and incomes under one, giant umbrella. With this, the client now has an immaculate view of how much money they are spending and how much effort they are putting towards each facet of the company. After Yoh came in, total savings in the first year after go live were $1,870,990, which was 13.5% of their total spend. That’s a lot of dough.

Through tracking, the public utilities company has brand new insight on what’s to come in the future. Yoh already found savings while consolidating company’s metrics and data, eventually obtaining an 8.15/10 manager satisfaction rating on the program after the first year of go-live. Additionally, Yoh provided insight into diversity spend, which was tracked and reported on with quarterly initiatives implemented based on those results.

Ultimately, the client just needed someone to rinse away the clutter so that they could find improvement, opportunity and clarity in the numbers.


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