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Case Study: Trimming the Fat from Contingent Labor Spend

A large food manufacturing company was in the midst of an enterprise-altering acquisition. The need for clarity in staffing was more critical than ever. Learn how this food giant tapped into never-before-seen insights in spend and talent acquisition resources and allocation; cutting excess spend all while boosting efficiency and safety standards. 

We may all overlook the complex behind the scenes work that enables us to fill our stomachs with the both the necessary and guilty pleasure foods that please our palates. In the United States alone, there are 30,000 food and beverage manufacturing plants. To handle the continuous supply and demand, there are 1.5 million food industry workers in the United States.  An average food manufacturing employee earns around $18.85-$18.97 per hour.

As food manufacturing does not take a hiatus, a large food company was in the midst of a dynamic transition. Yoh created an a la carte approach to the staffing needs and led the company through a smooth transition. 


The Dilemma 

A major food company that touches almost every American’s home went through a comprehensive acquisition resulting in a challenging time for the company in both the corporate offices and manufacturing plants. The acquisition brought sudden change to the food giant, and employees were told their talent and hiring practices would now come under new management and overview. Not to mention that corporate had little to no insight on any aspect of its existing talent management, the client was in a bit of a bind to say the least.

Yoh created an a la carte approach to the staffing needs and led the company through a smooth transition. As a result, the food giant overcame the acquisition period and continues to produce key staples in our diet.

The Strategy

Diving in immediately, Yoh slid themselves into the client’s shoes and visited each of the corporation’s offices and plants, meeting with managers to find out how they liked to operate. Discovering what had been working for them and what hadn’t, Yoh helped guide the client to a more organized, streamlined hiring process through a managed services program (MSP).To do this, Yoh took over the management of day labor, oversaw union labor restrictions and regulations, and handled talent orientation, safety and background checks. Yoh needed to not only reduce the stress associated with hiring, but they were in charge of driving down costs and eliminating the need to contact multiple vendors to request talent. Yoh’s primary goal was to centralize the hiring processes on all levels and provide never before seen insight into all aspects of the company’s talent management processes. Did we do it? You probably know that answer already…

The Impact

Yoh completely transformed the intricate processes of company contract hiring for manufacturing plants and corporate headquarters and brought tremendous savings to the company. Yoh mended fractured hiring practices, appeased managers resistant to change, and made the acquisition smoother for employees than they ever expected. Yoh’s recruiting expertise resulted in the reduction of waste in all aspects of the company’s hiring. By the end of the project, Yoh was supporting the management of 600+ supplier contracts.

In the end, Yoh put best practices into place so we could put the best food on our plates, that’s how Yoh operates.  

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