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Back to Work Podcast: Evolving Recruitment Strategies for 2024: Part 1 - Trends and Challenges


As we step into 2024, the landscape of recruitment and talent acquisition is experiencing a transformative shift. In the newest episode of our Back to Work podcast series, hosted by Joe McIntyre, we dive into the dynamic world of talent acquisition with special guest Matt Rivera, Senior Vice President of Marketing and Communications at Day & Zimmermann. Together, they explore the evolving strategies and innovations that organizations must adopt to stay ahead in the ever-changing realm of talent acquisition.


Understanding the Current Landscape

Before discussing the forecast for 2024 recruitment, let's look back on 2023. Matt states that two types of employment trends are happening in the current market. First, jobs are available, but more people need to fill them. This is mainly for industries that require specialized technology, specifically in product engineering and jobs utilizing artificial intelligence (AI). The other trend is there are jobs available and viable candidates, sometimes many candidates, but companies have pulled back on their hiring or changed their strategies post-COVID. 

It becomes time-consuming to find the right candidate when you have many candidates to choose from and only a few positions available. The resources spent on sourcing candidates become scarce, making some companies consider freezing hiring altogether. 

Matt delves into the unique challenges talent acquisition professionals have faced, emphasizing the delicate balance between attracting high-demand candidates and managing the complexities of a rapidly changing job market.


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Strategic Considerations for 2024

External factors to pay attention to in 2024 include inflation, labor movements, and economic uncertainty. These factors each affect high-performing talent spaces, such as technology and healthcare, in unique ways. 

Matt notes that while tech companies may still have some financial reserves, the aftermath of COVID has led to job losses, impacting the industry significantly. The retiring population of baby boomers and uncertainties in the economy compound the challenges, making talent acquisition a complex task.

The upcoming election year may bring uncertainty to businesses' hiring plans. Some companies adjust their hiring strategies based on election cycles, pausing before and adjusting after the election. The overall sentiment from Matt to companies is to remain agile in their staffing approach amid the ever-changing political landscape.


The Rise of AI in Talent Acquisition

No conversation about the future of talent acquisition would be complete without addressing the role of AI. AI can bring excellent efficiency to the talent acquisition process, especially using an Applicant Hiring System (ATS) when hiring for high-volume positions requiring skill-specific roles. However, Matt notes that the human element in the recruitment process is crucial. We need to balance these new and exciting efficiency gains with preserving the personal touch that human judgment brings.


Final Thoughts

This podcast episode offers a comprehensive overview of the current trends, challenges, and opportunities in the world of talent acquisition as we enter 2024. Now more than ever, it's crucial for organizations to future-proof their recruitment strategies in the face of evolving trends and challenges.

Check out the full podcast episode to gain valuable insights and effectively navigate the ever-evolving talent acquisition landscape. Stay tuned for part 2!


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