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AI/ML Jobs: 5 In-Demand Roles Today

GettyImages-1182697690'Searches for generative AI jobs on Indeed have increased almost 4,000% in the last year' according to CNBC. Job seekers are motivated by the opportunity to pioneer innovations, solve complex problems, and secure high salaries in roles centered around artificial intelligence and machine learning. At the same time, companies benefit by hiring workers in AI/ML roles, enabling them to advance in their respective markets via innovation. Explaining why 'job postings that mention either AI or generative AI have more than doubled globally' over a two-year period, according to LinkedIn.

As companies like Amazon, Apple, Google, and Microsoft (to name a few) continue expanding their intelligent systems, they'll look to experts in these five roles to drive innovation. Let's look at the differences between AI and ML before diving into highly sought-after roles in today's market.


Artificial intelligence vs. machine learning


While AI & ML are often used interchangeably, understanding the nuance between the two is critical. Let me help break it down for you. 

AI enables smart machines to mimic human intelligence for complex problem-solving, while ML helps machines learn from data and spot patterns to improve AI performance. For example, AI helps autonomous cars make decisions while on the road, while ML helps improve navigation before it's on the road by identifying patterns in past traffic data. In short, think of AI as the brain and ML as one of the skills it learns.



5 AI / ML Jobs in High-Demand today


1. Machine Learning Engineer

Job Outlook

The job outlook for machine learning engineers is promising! There is a projected 22% increase in employment of machine learning engineers annually from 2023 to 2030.


Primary Responsibility

A machine learning engineer is responsible for designing algorithms to extract meaningful insights. Many ML Engineers rely on Python programming language to train and model algorithms with large datasets.


Industry to Watch

Machine Learning Engineers are in high demand within the financial services sector. They play a pivotal role in developing algorithms to detect fraud, forecast financial markets, manage portfolios, and ensure regulatory compliance – among other things.


2. Generative AI Developer


Job Outlook

Generative AI Developers will undoubtedly be coveted across different industries. While it's challenging to precisely quantify the anticipated demand for this role, McKinsey reports indicate that 'Generative AI has the potential to increase US labor productivity by 0.5 to 0.9 percentage points annually through 2030,' suggesting a significant surge in demand for Generative AI Developers.


Primary Responsibility

Generative AI Developers create models that output original information with a simple query from the user, such as images, text, video, music, or software code. A prime example of a generative AI product on the market is Open AI's ChatGPT.


Industry to Watch

Generative AI developers will excel in the entertainment industry, creating immersive virtual worlds and characters capable of engaging in dynamic conversations beyond their typical script.


3. AI Data Scientist


Job Outlook

The demand for data scientists is on the rise. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, employment for data scientists is expected to grow 35% between 2022 and 2032 – amounting to nearly '17,700 new openings for data scientists year over year.' 


Primary Responsibility 

In the world of AI, Data Scientists will experiment with data to spot correlations that help improve the accuracy of predictive models.


Industry to Watch

The healthcare industry is a great destination for Data Scientists. As healthcare organizations transition away from legacy systems, Data Scientists will play a critical role in using big data to improve patient outcomes.


4. AI Solutions Architect


Job Outlook

The demand for AI Solutions Architects is trending upward. The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that employment of AI Architects is projected to grow 16% annually.


Primary Responsibility 

AI Solutions Architects are strategic thinkers that help bridge the gap between business problems and innovative artificial intelligence solutions. 


Industry to Watch

Watch the retail sector closely, as architects will be key in designing personalized product recommendation systems powered by AI. Think of AI Solutions Architects the next time a product is recommended that you've had weighing on your mind.


5. AI Prompt Engineer


Job Outlook

The role of an AI Prompt Engineer is currently the hottest new job on the market, with over 7,000 job postings in the past year, as reported by Workyard


Primary Responsibility 

An AI Prompt Engineer's primary responsibility is to design and optimize language commands that yield effective results in natural language processing (NLP) models. Put simply, they ensure the computer understands and responds to how humans ask questions in the best way possible.


Industry to Watch

AI Prompt Engineers will be crucial in enhancing customer service and refining language prompts to ensure that chatbots deliver helpful responses to user questions.


Final Thoughts

The AI/ML job market is experiencing a significant boom as companies, big and small, look to innovate. Reach out to us here if you need help locating premier talent to excel in today's competitive market.


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