4 Tips for Developing a Strong Relationship with Your Recruiter


As any Oscar award-nominated actor has a relationship with an agent and manager, you have the same relationship with a recruiter for your industry. Establishing a relationship between the client and the candidate is the key to success. As recruiters, we know the unspoken needs and desires of our clients. We can also see things in candidates that clients can’t see in a resume. We are here to help you become the best you can be.

My background is in the entertainment industry, onscreen, and behind that big scary network table. I’ve learned the secret tricks to make great first impressions, interviews, and spot talent. I love to discover talent and pass on knowledge and advice.

As a candidate myself, being in constant contact with my manager was key to successful bookings. My manager served as a matchmaker, always knowing what I was looking for and not afraid to give me feedback. However, working with a recruiter is cost-free! The client hires us to find the right fit for longevity and success. Life is short; let’s help you find a job that makes you happy to wake up every morning!



1. keep in touch

Work with your recruiter. We love hearing from you and are here to help you. When it comes to communicating with each other, make an effort to answer calls and emails in a timely manner. We understand you have a job and busy lives! A simple text or email goes a long way to let your recruiter know you haven’t “ghosted” them and will reconnect with them as soon as possible. Don't be afraid to let your recruiter know if you found a job. We will be happy for you as you reach the next steps in your career!

2. Be Persistent

Communication goes both ways. Recruiters are busy people, too; If we don’t get right back to you, I promise we will pay the same respect and answer you ASAP. Please don’t “ghost” us! We vouch for you, and it’s awkward when you disappear. It’s a small world. Trust me!

Keep your recruiter posted if you’re still looking for a role to stay fresh in their mind. I once worked with a candidate who would come to my office daily and bring me a can of Red Bull (I loved Red Bull!), and I never forgot about him! I landed him a big TV job because I was reminded of his skillset, which aligned perfectly for this role. 

3. Treat this relationship like you would any relationship

Being personable and getting to know each other will help your recruiter assess which roles are best suited for you. Ask them questions about their experience and gain industry knowledge from them. They know the client you could potentially be interviewing with and some interview questions that may pop up. Aligning your needs and goals will help you form a long-lasting professional relationship.

If you find you and your recruiter are not the best fit for each other, that is okay too. You choose to work with a recruiter and want to ensure it’s a good fit. Every recruiter has different connections, so don’t limit yourself to someone that doesn’t align with your needs.

4. Be direct and honest 

Tell your recruiter your true feelings on a position they’re proposing to you, especially your thoughts on the salary. We want this to be a direct and open conversation with both client and candidate. Blinding the client doesn’t look good for either of us. We want to create a safe and honest relationship. We understand if you need to speak to your spouse, partner, or whomever. Transparency is KEY! 

We can also help by reviewing your resume. Our honest feedback can help you highlight your skills and experiences to prove that you are a top candidate for your desired roles.



You’re in good hands with your recruiter, who wants to help you thrive. The industry is very small, but we get you in front of the hiring manager before you even apply online. We are hired because our clients trust our opinion. It doesn’t mean you can’t land the job on your own. It’s just a smarter, faster way. Work smarter, not harder! (My motto always!) 

We want to create long-term relationships. Who knows, you might refer a friend we end up getting a dream job for, we might work for you, or we might have relationships with a company that you’ve been dying to get an interview.

We want you to succeed and be the right fit for the roles you are going after. If you’re not the right fit for a particular position, we have plenty more. You got this; we believe in you. 

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