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Twerking fail reveals big Recruitment Process Outsourcing win

Recruitment Process Outsourcing needs to stay up a little later and check into Jimmy Kimmel Live. Hidden in the genius of Kimmel’s comedic execution is found the very nature of creative generosity, executed for the sole purpose of entertaining his audience and providing the potential for the show to reach and entertain more viewers. This is a concept we have been writing about lately, the idea of serving the individuals in the talent communities that matter to you for the sole purpose of helping them with their career aspirations. We believe that Kimmel’s art and generosity to his audience and potential audience serves as an excellent guide that can and must be followed by any Recruitment Process Outsourcing firm that you are doing business with or considering as a recruitment partner.

This past week, an important video hit viral status on YouTube. In the brief clip, a young lady, apparently practicing ‘twerking’ to impress her boyfriend, is accidentally set aflame by an unsuspecting roommate. The video was posted on September 5th, 2013 and peaked at over 4 million per day on the 6th of September. Cumulatively, the video has garnered over 10 million views. On September 9th, on his Facebook page and twitter feed, late night talk show host Jimmy Kimmel announced that he had landed an interview with the ‘twerking failure.’ Here is that interview:

Brilliant, no? This video stands at an additional 4 million views and the news of Kimmel’s prank was on multiple news outlets, including the New York Times, LA Times, Wall Street Journal, USA today and the Huffington Post. Kimmel’s YouTube channel far and away outperforms every other talk show host with more subscribers, and views. But what does Recruitment Process Outsourcing have to do with Jimmy Kimmel and his YouTube mastery?


Kimmel produces content not just for his daily late night talk show but regularly adds to his YouTube channel. While it is certainly done with the objective of reaching his audience in new ways, it also comes across as an artist merely practicing his art in any way he chooses, merely because he wants to share his gift with those he seeks to entertain. This is why Recruitment Process Outsourcing firms and more importantly those that employ them should care. The talent community is the canvas on which the art of recruiting is displayed, and the individuals that make up that community must be engaged for the purpose of helping the individuals in that community achieve their career aspirations.

A stretch? I don’t think so. Consider two things. First, the video that Kimmel produced was at least a little bit risky. If the video did not gain viral status, it would have been produced in vein and the investment made would have been lost. The video, produced over two months ago, can therefore be seen as an investment in developing the mere possibility of entertaining his audience. Recruitment process outsourcing providers must make these investments into the talent communities they are engaging on behalf of their clients. They must invest in the future opportunity of being able to help these individuals advance their careers.

Secondly, consider this from a recent Wall Street Journal article about Kimmel’s use of YouTube:

Before celebrities agree to go on "Jimmy Kimmel Live!" one question regularly pops up—can the ABC late-night host please include them in a viral Web video?

Can it be any clearer for recruitment process outsourcing providers or those that partner with them? This particular talent community is seeking help from Kimmel.

This is what we as recruitment process outsourcing providers must be directed towards. Engaging talent so effectively, and exercising this engagement as investment in the future of serving them. Selflessly helping them today and trusting that tomorrow they will naturally desire our help.

So why not tune in to Jimmy Kimmel Live tonight and learn some recruiting lessons for tomorrow.

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