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February 25, 2016

Kid_w_Trophy_cropped_yoh_blog.jpgBeing able to digitally search for new products and services has opened up an infinity of conveniences. From looking for new vendors to browsing customer testimonials, it's all there at your fingertips. 

I'm sure you are the same way. I won't even buy something as simple as an electronic toothbrush without combing through user reviews and multiple sites for the best deal. The way we find and connect with people, products and services has been forever changed by the endlessness that is the Internet. Including how to find and connect with Recruitment Process Outsourcing companies

Sadly, nothing in life comes free; even the Internet. With the convenience of entering a query into the search box comes a degree of anxiety that accompanies the countless pages of results. Or, being weary of the ads that pop up to lure you away from your original search. Whether you need a new toothbrush or a staffing service like Recruitment Process Outsourcing, many of the same search principles apply. Which is the most recommended choice? Which has the highest consumer rating? How much are you willing to spend?

Because it's easy to go down a wormhole when seeking out new products or services, I recommend taking the Amazon approach. Meaning, find a neutral third-party that has vetted your options for you. Think about it? Amazon, who started out as a online book company, used to hire highly-esteemed book critiques to write authentic reviews for its consumers. As the site matured, so did their process. Today, real customers chime on which products they like best and why. 

And, isn't that exactly how you want to search for RPO companies? For those of you who are in the process of researching the RPO providers, you want to know who the top RPO companies are, which are most relevant to your need and/or industry, and what people are saying about each of those companies. 

Baker's Dozen Customer Satisfaction Ratings 

If you haven't heard of HRO Today, then allow me to introduce you. HRO Today is a leading voice in the Human Resources industry. Each year they release a number of lists to highlight the top RPO companies.

Known as the RPO Baker's Dozen, the most highly coveted Baker's Dozen list is the Customer Satisfaction Ratings one. Simply stated, it's a weighted survey based on actual customer ratings and feedback. And, the results are determined based on the following methodology. 

  • The survey is conducted annually   
  • Feedback is captured via online surveys presented directly to buyers or distributed to the client from the respective provider
  • Questions are weighted, and the data is then analyzed and scored by HRO Today database
  • Providers are ranked across an overall rating and three subcategories.

The survey findings are released to the public, resulting in an unadulterated list of the top RPO companies rated by those who matter most: the users of RPO services. 


These rankings are a great place to start when beginning to vet potential RPO companies. Additionally, if you or your Human Resources department has a firm grasp on the type and/or size of the program that you wish to implement, check out the sub-categories in the study that include: Breadth of Service, Size of Deals and Quality of Service.

It will be a few months until the 2016 Baker's Dozen is released, but until then you can browse the 2015 providers. Additionally, if you are looking for more information on RPO programs or providers, take a look at these reputable (and free!) RPO resources. 


RPO Directories & Education 



The RPOA is the leading member-based organization for RPO education and vendor outreach. With a robust content-driven website, the RPOA is an excellent starting point for HR professionals dipping their feet in RPO waters. However, even the most seasoned RPO buyers can learn the latest trends by tuning into regularly updated content or by browsing the RPOA member directory.




The Staffing Stream RPO blog is great place to gain industry insights on a variety of RPO solutions. From newest RPO models to the latest program best practices, hear from a number of RPO providers in Recruitment Process Outsources. 



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