Effectively leveraging technology is a goal of many organizations. Technology gets brought in, but how do you know if it’s working well or delivering the results you need?


    Vendor Management Systems (VMs) can help effectively manage an external workforce program, but only if it’s used properly.

    We’ve been working with VMS systems for years (and previously we developed our own) so we know what it takes to get the most from a VMS. And we can help you do the same.

    VMS technology has exploded in recent years, including significant consolidation of vendors and changes in ownership. This has made it more challenging to know which tool is best and how to best use the tool. Yoh works with all of the major VMSs in the market. We can help you select the right one (we know people), or better utilize the one you already have. Yoh knows technology.

    Selection, Implementation and Management

    Companies who have an internal contingent workforce program or those who rely on an MSP to manage it for them, typically utilize some type of technology. We help select the right VMS, either as part of our program or yours, implement it and then manage it. Companies can do this either with the selection of a managed services program, or at a different time. It doesn’t matter to us. We can plug-in where you need us to help use the technology efficiently and effectively. Contact us today and find out how we can help you.


    • Expertise – We have been using technology for external workforce management for decades. We have dedicated, subject-matter experts who can help you get up and running or optimized in no time.
    • Return on Investment – Last time we looked, technology wasn’t cheap. We can help you make good decisions and put your technology to work for you.
    • Change Management – It’s one of the things we do best. We know how to implement a program with no disruption and great adoption whether you’re just starting out, or already have the technology in place.
    • Increased Adoption – Technology is only good if it gets used. A good implementation and communications can make all the difference. Let us help you get everyone into the technology.
    • Best Practices – Leveraging technology is also about using it effectively. We can bring best practices, tailored to your specific needs and goals, to make sure your processes and results continue to improve.


    Putting together a holistic program to help manage all of your external workforce engagements takes experience and coordination. Let us create a program just for you that covers contingent workers, technology, independent contractors, staffing suppliers, SOW engagements and pre-identified or payrolled workers. Trust us, it’s a lot easier if you have one process or many processes coming through one managed services provider. And a lot easier than doing it yourself. Contact us about how a managed services program can help you get your arms around your entire workforce.

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