Are you looking for ways to increase your recruiting capability and effectiveness? Enhance your employment brand? Figure out social media recruiting? Who isn’t?


    While some try to take this on themselves, others turn to the pros to rebuild or augment their internal recruiting infrastructure through Recruitment Process Outsourcing.

    In short, Recruitment Process Outsourcing or RPO, is the outsourcing of some or all components of the internal full life cycle recruitment process for candidates who will become direct employees from sourcing through onboarding. It’s bringing recruiting expertise where you need it most.



    RPO programs can either replace the need for internal sourcing or recruiting, can support or manage various points across recruitment lifecycle or can augment resources already in place. This can be for all your jobs or in certain areas where you have challenges or critical needs. An RPO provider can also help you get the most from your investment in recruiting technology.

    Do more with less, increase the quality of your talent, and keep costs in check with RPO. Yoh knows recruiting.



    There isn’t a one size fits all approach when it comes to RPO and contrary to popular belief, RPO is not just the occasional permanent placement. An RPO partner brings process, accountability, scaleability and innovation. There are several different types of RPO programs, and with the help of a Yoh RPO expert, we can determine the type of RPO to best suit your business recruitment needs. Here are a few of the most common:

    • Enterprise RPO: Recruiting from start to finish where entire recruitment process is outsourced from requisition opening to offer or onboarding
    • Project RPO: Recruiting for a specific need, timeframe, location and/or skill set
    • Hybrid - Point of Service: Outsourcing recruitment points such as sourcing only or offer administration help
    • Contingent RPO: Having a contingency of recruiters when you need them




    The “process” in RPO means we can perform one or many processes to help you recruit the best candidates and streamline the recruitment lifecycle. It also means that we sign up for metrics and KPIs so that we are accountable for our part or parts of the process. This performance-based approach means you get the most value for your recruiting investment. The benefits of a Yoh RPO solution include:

    • Innovative, proprietary technology leveraging artificial intelligence, machine learning, chatbots and RPA
    • Scaleability and flexibility without fixed expense…scale recruiting efforts based on real time hiring needs
    • Source qualified candidates for difficult-to-fill positions and hard-to-fill markets
    • Deliver qualified diversity candidate slates
    • Multi-channel digital media sourcing platform
    • Employment brand development and employer value proposition
    • Greater business intelligence and insight into your talent acquisition program
    • Enhance your candidate and hiring manager experience and satisfaction
    • Seamless extension of your current recruitment team
    • Best practice recommendations to improve interview to hire and time to fill ratios
    • Better fit hires with improved new hire retention
    • Reduce cost with a high ROI


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