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    Efficient and Compliant

    It’s a simple concept, but many times it’s overlooked. You know who you want working for you: They may be freelancers, interns, retirees or workers who have worked with you before. Rather than you hiring them, they work through us. As the employer of record, we take very seriously our role in providing service to our contractors while they work for you. It’s a tough job, but someone’s got to do it. And we have been doing it for some of the world’s largest technology companies for decades.

    Types of Workers

    • Previous Employees
    • Coaches
    • Consultants
    • Freelancers
    • Interns
    • Retirees

    We’ve developed programs large and small to allow you to work with pre-identified workers, while we take on the administrative side of the work relationship. All of the paperwork, on-boarding (even screening if necessary) and paychecks. You get a consistent, compliant process for these types of workers, with less headaches for you, and better care for your flexible workers. Delivered by Yoh.

    It’s part of our integrated workforce solutions that were developed to help you keep everything on track. Contact us today and find out what personal service is really like.

    Integrated Workforce Solutions

    Payrolling is just one of the integrated solutions we provide to manage all types of external workers. Typically payrolling is included in an overall managed services program that delivers value, compliance and visibility. Developing an integrated program to keep you compliant and allow all the workers you need to come in, do the work for you, and get paid accurately and on-time is more complex than ever. Having an efficient, single, managed program can make sure no one is missed, risks are minimized and maybe they’ll even work a little harder (or at least happier). You’ll be happier for sure.

    Why Payrolling Services

    • The Contractor Experience – From on-boarding, through working with you and off-boarding, we’ll create a positive experience that makes you look good.
    • Compliant and Efficient –Hiring someone takes time and effort (not to mention taxes and benefits). We’ve got you covered.
    • Visibility - See where all of your spend is quickly and easily.
    • Change Management – Developing a payroll services program is one thing, making it work is another. We’re the calming force that gets people bought in and helps you get things done.
    • Part of Our Integrated Workforce Solutions – As you program or needs grow or change, we can grow with you. Payrolling is just one of Yoh’s integrated workforce solutions that can help you manage all of your external workforce.


    Payroll Plus/White Glove Approach

    Another approach that Yoh can taken when it comes to payrolling is our Payroll Plus/White Glove Approach. This is another step in our customized program, best suited for programs that are looking for additional administrative responsibilities to be taken over, a unique candidate experience, customized reporting and more. 

    A few specific white glove approach benefits include , 

    • Employee On and Off Boarding 
    • Background Check Results Within 2 hours of the Candidate Accepting the Offer 
    • Administrative Duties 
    • Customized Reports for Management 
    • Focus on Candidate Experience by Engaging Technology 
    • A Fully Dedicated Team 

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