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    Your Workforce: Your Program

    We believe that one size does not fit all.

    We can develop a managed services program uniquely configured and tailored to your needs by expertly managing your contingent workforce  supply chain or creating talent communities just for you. Whether it’s contract workers, independent contractors, SOW engagements, two suppliers or two hundred, we’ve got you covered.

    We’re not into labels. Call it what you want – we like to call it YOUR program. But here are a few of the typical ways we can work with you:

    Vendor Neutral – Just like Switzerland, we manage and remain neutral to get you the best talent from the best suppliers for your jobs wherever and whenever you need them. We run the program for you and keep the peace. You get the best the marketplace has to offer. 

    Hybrid – Sometimes you need a specialist, sometimes a generalist. We’ll make sure your workforce needs are taken care of by our team, key suppliers or maybe even some niche suppliers too. We create a talent community just for you that works for you. 

    Master Vendor – If you want to create a dedicated supply line without multiple suppliers and complexity, we can design a program to deliver talent directly to you. And not through branch offices. We have dedicated delivery teams with no other distractions.

    We can develop a contingent workforce program for all your contract types, including payrollees, independent contractors and SOW engagements, without sacrificing quality while saving you money.

    Managing and evaluating performance of temporary and SOW suppliers, ensuring IC compliance, achieving diversity goals, on-boarding/off-boarding, reporting and tracking of contract workers is complex, but doesn’t have to be. As your MSP we can help you keep everything on track. Contact us today and find out what personal service is really like.


    Why Managed Services

    Visibility & Control:  See where all of your spend is quickly and easily, allowing for more strategic decision making.

    Unique Roadmap Design:  We plan your program not just for today, but for your next generation to ensure continuous evolution and innovation in your program to achieve optimal results and value.  And we help you get there which is why 87% of our clients expand their services with us. 

    Knowledgeable Staff (Our People): Not just transactional, wait-to-be-asked staff. We have proactive experts bringing best practices and executing on innovation and best-in-class recommendations to consistently evolve your program .

    Change Management: Developing a managed services program is easy, making it work is another. We're the calming force that gets people bought in and helps you get things done.

    Dedicated Implementation: We have implementation teams ready to go at your pace when you are and can implement as fast as you can manage it. Project managers and data experts to take you from the first meeting to go-live.

    Cost Savings: Are you missing out on savings opportunities through a decentralized supply chain, rogue spend or misclassified SOW?  Did you get a good deal on that programmer? We’ll help you figure that out and plan for your future budget.

    An Efficient Diverse  Supply Chain: It takes a village to fill a job nowadays. You need suppliers that can perform like a NASCAR pit crew. We’ll help make that happen.  Additionally, we will ensure to you meet your diversity spend goals.  Our Managed Services program portfolio boasts 30% diversity. 

    Reporting & Analytics:  We leverage disruptive and advanced technologies to ensure we can help you with benchmarking, program recommendations related to talent quality, process efficiency and savings and help you with better workforce planning. 



    Everyone loves technology - when it works. Luckily for you, we have a diverse range of experience, from integrating our own propriety technology stack to partnering with the largest VMS providers in the world to other in-house options that make it easy to find the right one for you. Have your own? We’ll plug in and make it work better. Looking for one now? We can help you decide what will work best. And when it comes time to implement, we have an experienced team that can’t wait to get their hands on your data and put it to work for you. Talk to us about technology – we speak geek.

    Our talent is going to rock your socks off!

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