Properly classifying external workers has not gotten any easier.

    Independent contractors are fair game for audits and both the state and federal governments want to make sure you’re classifying them correctly. We’ve been helping companies do just that for years. And we can help you.

    Independent Contractor Vetting services from Yoh can help develop a process and criteria to assist you in properly classifying independent contractors. Believe us, it’s not that easy and it can change over time. The best way to reduce risk and still utilize independent contractors is to have a clear, consistent process that is aligned with your policies and procedures. Yoh knows ICs.

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    We help create a program to give you the information and processes you need to feel comfortable with your company’s use of independent contractors. We can help with those already engaged, or we can create a program as they come into your organization. Unfortunately, there are no black and white rules that cover every situation, but a proper IC program can cover you in the case of questions or audits. Why take a chance? Some of the largest companies in the US rely on us to help them with their classification challenges. Contact us today and find out how we can help you.


    • Visibility – See where all of your ICs are or catch them as they come into your organization. Find them before someone else does.
    • Consistency and Compliance – If there’s a way around a process or policy, someone will find it. We help make sure the process is consistent and compliant with how you want to use ICs in your business.
    • Change Management – Developing a process for determining IC use and proper classification can be complicated. We function as an independent (no pun intended) third party to help you develop and implement a good IC process.
    • Reduce Risk – That’s why we’re here right? When’s the last time your CEO commended you for reducing risk and saving money? We’d like to make that happen more often.


    Putting together a holistic program to help manage all of your external workforce engagements takes experience and coordination. Let us create a program just for you that covers contingent workers, independent contractors, staffing suppliers, SOW engagements and pre-identified or payrolled workers. Trust us, it’s a lot easier if you have one process or many processes coming through one managed services provider. And a lot easier than doing it yourself. Contact us about how a managed services program can help you get your arms around your entire workforce.

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