A global pharmaceutical company partnered with Yoh to enhance and expand their operations in manufacturing and R&D. Clients rarely introduce new vendors when existing ones perform well, but the company trusted Yoh to meet their needs. Yoh's mandate was not just to fill positions but also to reshape the client's talent profile and introduce a new business model for quality assurance and surpassing business goals. Yoh also aimed to establish a recruitment model for rapid responses to staffing needs and a financial model to reduce costs significantly.




Originally starting with a Validation team of 2-3 members in 2007, Yoh has substantially grown its support with the global pharmaceutical company, now covering over 145+ positions in Validation, as well as insourced clinical testing and research. Yoh also provides additional resources as per client requirements. Leveraging its efficient fulfillment team and streamlined process systems, Yoh has accelerated the interview and hiring process by more than four times, reducing overall hiring time and time-to-interview. Currently, Yoh extends its support to the company across multiple sites, each overseen by a dedicated lead ensuring seamless operations and compliance as the main liaison between the client and Yoh.

Yoh employs advanced processes, tools, and data to deliver comprehensive workforce solutions to clients. If processes need refining, Yoh adjusts accordingly. If a new candidate profile is needed, Yoh seamlessly introduces it. The model is designed to not only deliver experienced candidates in Validation, Quality, and Research but also long-term value to the client. The success of this approach is evident in the results achieved.


About Yoh's Functional Service Provision

As an industry leading resource and functional service provider (FSP), Yoh delivers insight and expertise to navigate the challenges of clinical trial development. We work closely with our sponsor companies to evaluate project needs and proactively design resourcing solutions that facilitate immediate access to talent. Yoh’s collaborative approach, supported by industry-veterans, enables tailored program design and access to senior experts, driving both cost efficiency and timely trial delivery.