Yoh has been a trusted partner of a leading biotech company since 2016, initially providing support with one CSV specialist. Over time, our collaboration evolved as Yoh swiftly responded to the company's growing needs. Following the successful implementation of the CSV specialist, Yoh promptly assembled a team of three validation specialists to support the qualification of a newly installed QC lab. This marked the beginning of our partnership built on trust that extended into the various facets of the company's operations.




As the company's projects expanded, Yoh remained a reliable business partner, supporting the validation of multiple lab projects within their newly constructed R&D facility as well as supporting the expansion of their manufacturing facility. Our comprehensive business solutions expanded beyond validation services to encompass engineering, metrology, facilities management, quality assurance, materials management, and procurement support. In addition to our project support, Yoh provides continuous support in the areas of validation, CSV, metrology, and materials management. This ongoing support ensures the company's operations remain optimized and compliant with industry standards and requirements.

The partnership between Yoh and our client has yielded significant benefits, including the successful conversion of over 10 Yoh contractors to full-time company employees under our Master Service Agreement (MSA). In addition, Yoh facilitated direct full-time employee placements across various disciplines to meet the company's evolving requirements.

Throughout our collaboration, Yoh has demonstrated a commitment to excellence, flexibility, and adaptability, aligning our services closely with the company's strategic objectives. As a valued business partner, we look forward to continuing our partnership and delivering tailored solutions to support the company's growth, innovation, and continued success.


About Yoh's Functional Service Provision

As an industry leading resource and functional service provider (FSP), Yoh delivers insight and expertise to navigate the challenges of clinical trial development. We work closely with our sponsor companies to evaluate project needs and proactively design resourcing solutions that facilitate immediate access to talent. Yoh’s collaborative approach, supported by industry-veterans, enables tailored program design and access to senior experts, driving both cost efficiency and timely trial delivery.