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TD Ameritrade

As a prominent player in the Fintech market, TD Ameritrade sought to enhance its offerings by acquiring Think or Swim, a premier day trading product. To seamlessly integrate this new acquisition into their comprehensive suite of products, TD Ameritrade engaged Yoh’s Professional Consulting Services. Yoh assembled a senior team of architects and senior software engineers, numbering 7 time and materials (T&M) consultants, to conduct a thorough reverse engineering, modeling, and analysis of Think or Swim. 


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Working under the guidance of TD Ameritrade's technical leadership, the team's primary objective was to identify potential areas of risk within the code, facilitating subsequent remediation and ensuring a smooth integration with other internal TDA systems. Following a highly successful initial product review, Yoh’s team continued to provide remediation and integration support throughout the 11-month engagement.

Building on a decade-long partnership, Yoh has consistently been a trusted ally to TD Ameritrade. Over the years, we have deployed consultants and consulting teams to collaborate closely with TDA's technical leadership, contributing to the successful completion of more than 10 key projects. In total, Yoh has provided over 40 resources, showcasing a sustained commitment to supporting TD Ameritrade in navigating complex technical challenges and driving innovation within their product portfolio.


About Yoh's Professional Consulting Services:

Yoh empowers you with a seamless and efficient framework for planning, coordinating, and communicating with your team of project consultants. We’ll handle the time-consuming administrative tasks and oversight efforts that typically accompany managing T&M support. With our Professional Consulting Services, you can focus on leveraging your team’s specialized skills to deliver your project on time and on budget, and we’ll handle the intricacies of project administration.