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Merck Animal Health, a leader in the Animal Health industry, excels in providing innovative services, with Home Again pet recovery standing out as a premier offering. This service utilizes RFID chips inserted into pets, enabling the retrieval of crucial information for lost pets brought to animal shelters or veterinarian offices. Recognizing the potential for expansion in the Pet Health and Recovery market, Merck Animal Health initiated a comprehensive strategy to enhance their capabilities and services.

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Merck Animal Health partnered with Yoh's Professional Consulting Services, utilizing a dedicated team of Information Architects, Technical Architecture experts, Software Engineers, and Postproduction Support services. This collaborative effort focused on defining, designing, prototyping, developing, and deploying Home Again Portals for end consumers, veterinarian offices, and pet shelters. It demonstrated a commitment to delivering comprehensive solutions in the pet health and recovery domain.

Yoh surpassed expectations, meeting or exceeding all delivery and launch dates. The collaboration extended beyond project execution, with a dedicated Engagement Manager overseeing the entire process. This comprehensive approach not only addressed immediate needs but also strengthened Merck Animal Health's capabilities in time and materials (T&M) management, product development, and administration. The successful deployment marked a significant advancement in Merck Animal Health's commitment to excellence in the dynamic Pet Health and Recovery landscape.


About Yoh's Professional Consulting Services:

Yoh empowers you with a seamless and efficient framework for planning, coordinating, and communicating with your team of project consultants. We’ll handle the time-consuming administrative tasks and oversight efforts that typically accompany managing T&M support. With our Professional Consulting Services, you can focus on leveraging your team’s specialized skills to deliver your project on time and on budget, and we’ll handle the intricacies of project administration.