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eyeLock, a leading Biometric Security startup, engaged Yoh to revamp their software and test engineering teams due to challenges with their initial offshore partner. Yoh's Professional Consulting Services were sought for their proven ability to provide top-tier engineering talent and robust oversight processes. This collaboration aimed not only to address existing issues but also to enhance focus on critical areas such as time and materials (T&M) management, product development, and administration.

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In response, Yoh deployed a dedicated team of 23 Senior Software and Test Engineers, led by a skilled technical Engagement Manager. This strategic move allowed eyeLock to redirect their attention to cutting-edge technology advancements confidently. Yoh's commitment to meticulous timelines, resource optimization, and organizational guidance played a crucial role in facilitating eyeLock's evolution. The collaboration extended beyond project oversight, actively contributing to optimizing time and materials, enhancing product development efficiency, and enhancing administrative processes.

Yoh's partnership played a key role in advancing eyeLock's Product Roadmap, ensuring precise and on-time release cycles. Beyond resolving immediate challenges, Yoh enhanced eyeLock's expertise in time and materials management, product development, and administration. This strategic alliance not only secured eyeLock's market position but also spurred innovation, opening doors to new revenue opportunities in the dynamic field of biometric security.


About Yoh's Professional Consulting Services:

Yoh empowers you with a seamless and efficient framework for planning, coordinating, and communicating with your team of project consultants. We’ll handle the time-consuming administrative tasks and oversight efforts that typically accompany managing T&M support. With our Professional Consulting Services, you can focus on leveraging your team’s specialized skills to deliver your project on time and on budget, and we’ll handle the intricacies of project administration.