Albridge Solutions


Albridge Solutions

Albridge Solutions, a premier SaaS-based FinTech Product Company specializing in Portfolio Attribution and Reporting, strategically engaged Yoh’s Project Consulting Services post its acquisition by BNY Pershing. The project's scope encompassed the seamless integration of Albridge's product suite into the BNY/Pershing Product Suite. To achieve this, Yoh, deploying a specialized team comprising seasoned Business Analysts, Software Engineers, and Test Engineers, collaborated closely with Albridge's existing Product team. The overarching goal was to remediate and integrate Albridge's diverse products, with a particular emphasis on the rationalization and consolidation of separate Custodial Feeds, establishing a timeline of 9 months for project completion.




The project's objectives were clearly defined, with a primary focus on achieving a smooth transition for Albridge to the Pershing platform. Key deliverables included the remediation of Albridge's products, incorporating functionality to correct outlier and erroneous data. Collaborative efforts were essential, involving joint collaboration between Yoh’s consultants and Albridge's team, ensuring regular communication and updates throughout the project's duration. Quality assurance measures, including data analysis, loading, and scrubbing, were systematically implemented to guarantee the integrity of integrated systems.

Throughout the project, Yoh maintained an unwavering commitment to client satisfaction. Regular client meetings and reviews were conducted, incorporating client feedback as a key metric to shape the project's trajectory. The success of the integration project relied on the collaborative spirit between both teams, resulting in the seamless integration of Albridge's products into the BNY/Pershing ecosystem. The project's completion marked not only the achievement of defined objectives but also the establishment of a robust foundation for continued collaboration and success.


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