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GettyImages-1135470245In the past, a company could trust virtually any staffing agency to find qualified talent to fill a role. Nowadays, this is certainly not the case, as it requires a team of experts to examine a rich, well-vetted talent base to introduce highly skilled workers to a company. Typical industry practices are rapidly changing, as it is not just tech companies that need programmers or healthcare companies that need doctors. Consequently, it is paramount that companies seek out the services of a technology talent firm that deploys a process-driven consultative approach to pair firms with highly skilled workers. Yoh is uniquely qualified to deliver highly-skilled workers to firms by relying on our specialists' expertise to employ our innovative curated talent pool.


INdustry pedigree

Yoh has decades of specialty practice experience working in the information tech, product engineering, life sciences, and healthcare industries. Our arsenal of expert professionals, in tandem with cutting-edge technologies, allow us to remain flexible and continually strive towards innovation. As a trusted partner we are committed to sourcing, vetting, and delivering the best skilled-workers. Watch the video below to learn more about how Yoh is continuing to redefine what it means to be a workforce management provider.



Our Rich history

Not convinced yet that Yoh is the premier staffing service? Let’s take a look at our previous accomplishments. We were directly involved in sourcing talent that helped put man on the moon. Since then, we’ve hired some of the best developers that went on to create some of the globe’s most successful applications. In the midst of a pandemic, our experts worked diligently to introduce science and health professionals to address COVID-19 for companies. Our reputation precedes us, but we are not complacent. Instead, we are committed to seeking innovation and advancement for a variety of specialty practices.


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