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infographic: Why Your Employees are Looking Elsewhere

According to a survey that The Harris Poll recently did on behalf of Yoh, only 15% of employees surveyed said they wouldn't leave their current job for any reason. That means 85 % of your employees are keeping their options open. In a time of low unemployment and acute skills shortage, it's time to look at what matters most to employees and why they may pick up the phone and take a recruiter's call.

This Yoh/Harris survey, conducted online within the United States among 816 employed U.S. adults ages 18 and older, has valuable insights not only for employers looking to retain their top talent but also for recruiters looking to expand their tool belt with the knowledge of what's enticing some of their top candidates.

Here are some other key findings in the Yoh/Harris poll and why they should matter to you.


What do Americans want in a new job?





additional Findings:


Flexible work options are a must

Employees may be more open to a job that’s further from home but offers remote work capabilities, rather than a job close to home that mandates strict on-site work arrangements. Over 2 in 5 employed Americans (42%) would switch jobs for a flexible work environment, while less than one quarter (24%) would switch for a better commute.

Things you can do to move the needle in the right direction include: investing in laptops and other software to make remote work easier or you can also encourage your managers to be a little more flexible about letting staff work from home. If you offer creative approaches for completing work while promoting balance between work and personal commitments, it results in a more positive and productive work environment. It also helps your employment brand; enticing more top talent to take notice of your organization.


401(k)s over lattes

If you are concentrating too much on expensive and unnecessary perks, it may be time to re-allocate your investment into things like a 401(k) match instead of an on-site masseuse. A few years ago, many companies began offering exciting perks like onsite gyms, daycare services, dry-cleaning, on-site baristas and more to keep employees engaged, content and potentially, at the office for longer periods of time. However, most employed Americans (73%) would not leave their current job for a job that offers those trendy perks, while many seem to be in favor of leaving for a job that provides better traditional benefits like better retirement options, healthcare options, and vacation time (50%).

If you are interested in more insights on this survey, you can read the full press release here




About the Author: Amy Williams is a Digital Marketing Manager at Yoh and alumni from the University of Pittsburgh, having earned her degree in Media Communications. In her spare time, you will find Amy performing with an operetta company, as well as enjoying all things pop culture, food, and Philadelphia.

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