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Top Reasons Why You Should Send Thank You Notes to Recruiters

Happy smiling successful African American businessman  in a suit in a modern bright office indoorsSo, you’re up for a job hunt, and you have your updated resume ready. You have planned your whole attire for the interviews, and are prepared to showcase your abilities to your interviewer. You think you’ve got it all organized but you somehow feel that you’re forgetting something. Although they’re not as important as they were before, thank you notes have the ability to persuade recruiters that you’re the right fit for the job.

When everything can be sent digitally nowadays, there’s no excuse as to why you shouldn't be able to spare a few minutes to send personalized thank you notes to the recruiters who assisted you. The art of sending thank you notes is often taken for granted, but do you know that this simple gesture can help you land your dream job eventually?

We’ve compiled the top reasons why you should send effective thank you notes to recruiters, whether you get hired or not:


1. Thank you notes can sometimes serve as a tiebreaker

There may be times when you are not the only one being considered for the job.  For instance, say there's another person who has almost the same skills as you do, also with a bachelor's degree, and with a strong work ethic. Yet, this person forgot to send a thank you note, and you did. This can actually put you one step ahead of the person you’re competing with.

It’s important to remember that hiring managers are not only looking for the most suitable candidate; they also want someone who wants the job the most. In such cases, they find those who take the time to send thank you notes to be more eager and enthusiastic in getting hired. A personalized thank you note could show that you have put your mind and heart into the whole interview process and that you are looking forward to the next stage.


2. Gratitude never goes out of style

While it’s the job of the recruiters to interview you and process your application, let’s not forget the fact that they are regular employees as well, who tend to feel worn out and tired after a long day. A little note to say that you appreciate their effort could go a long way. It can help in boosting their morale and you’re also sending them positive vibes and lasting impression.


3. You get to build a harmonious working relationship with them in the long run

You’ll appreciate the power of an effective thank you note even more once you get hired for the job. Since you have managed to create a good first impression, it’s easier to continue building a harmonious working relationship with the hiring manager, and, eventually, with everyone else in the company. It’s a valuable starting point to send nothing but good vibes as you make your way through the organization.


4. They won’t easily forget you, and they might even consider you the next time they have an opening

In case you were not strong enough for the position, there’s a bigger chance that they won’t easily forget you after you’ve sent them a thank you note. In such cases, they might keep your contact details with them and have you in their priority list once there is an opening. Remember that it’s all about establishing connections, and this one just might be a very efficient way.

You should not lose hope in case you are not selected for the job. Instead, you have to be more positive about it, and still send them a thank you note for their effort to create a better candidate experience for you. This way, they can see you as a potential employee with the right amount of optimism and gratitude, despite the misfortune of not getting employed. These traits showcase your thoughtfulness and attention to details, both of which help strengthen your position for being considered for future needs at that employer.


5. Thank you notes won’t take so much effort but can create a significant impact in the end

Your thank you note does not even have to be so fancy or well-prepared. A one-liner note is more than enough, as long as you have included all the necessary thoughts that you want to convey. Some recruiters appreciate a quick email that says “thank you for your effort and hard work” while there are also those who remain traditional although they tend not to show it. There are still hiring managers who sometimes expect handwritten notes with words that are unquestionably sincere and heartfelt.

Keep in mind that you are the applicant, and they are the people who can make or break your career as an employee. It won’t hurt to take some time and write them a thank you note, not only because you feel that it can give you an edge among other applicants, but also because it’s polite, ethical, and more professional. It’s a giveaway sign that you are mindful of business ethics and practices despite the modern era.


Remember, gratitude is never overrated. Who knows, one day you’ll eventually become a hiring manager or a recruiter, and you’ll look back and remember the days when you were eagerly trying your best to get hired. You can learn a thing or two when it comes to appreciating other people’s effort and hard work. Someday, you’ll realize how good it feels to receive thank you notes, and you’d surely feel glad that you did send out several of them when you were still starting.




About the Author: Ana Cervantez is a freelance writer and career blogger. She is passionate about helping people land their dream jobs and achieve professional success.




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