Special Edition Movieclips Monday: Jobs for Our Veteran Heroes

Today’s special edition of Movieclips Monday is not only based on a true story – it is a true story. It’s happening right now as thousands of our men and women in the armed forces return from active service to find jobs and rejoin their communities in the civilian world. SAP’s Veterans to Work Program is helping them get trained to find jobs in today’s technology-based economy.

Yoh is a proud SAP partner and along with many other large corporate partners, the Veteran’s to Work Program was launched to help our returning heroes in a tough economy during this period of transition. Our military veterans bring a wealth of specialized skills, discipline and work ethic to the private sector. The Veteran’s to Work program adds technical training in focused areas to provide veterans with updated skills and employers with top-notch candidates for hard-to-fill areas.

The video below highlights some of the training elements, corporate partners and the unique skill sets that veterans bring to the workforce. Remember to thank veterans you know for their service and spread the word about the Veteran’s to Work Program and other initiatives that are helping our returning heroes.

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