6 Signs You Won't Make a Good Programmer

Thoughtful young programmer coding on computer in the evening at homeVery often on Reddit or Quora, you can come across questions like "How do I know if I can become a successful programmer?" When someone is thinking about a career change or interested in development and wants to know what it takes, this very question inevitably arises.

It is believed that this is the main barrier in the minds of people who have not received a fundamental education in programming. It's natural to think that you're a so-so programmer, which prevents you from starting a new business. It's like dreaming of becoming an actor but doubting that you can act at all.

This article will present some problems that can prevent you from becoming a programmer. If you take a look at this list and feel that this is all about you, you can be sure that you will definitely not be a good programmer and, perhaps, you should do something else.


6 signs you won't make a good programmer


1. You Lack Curiosity

The basis of any learning is a great interest in the subject of study. If your mind does not have a particular interest in technology, you will not have the energy and drive to study programming deeply and in detail and succeed in this area.


2. You Lack Independence and Resourcefulness

Without a doubt, to become a successful developer, you must have confidence in your learning abilities. This, by the way, is one of the most important life skills - if you are over 18, no one is obliged to teach you. This is the reality. Finding the information you need and help, if you need it, is only your task.

Use all resources: Understand that all of your questions are already answered. Before asking someone, google and read the documentation. Save the opportunity to waste someone else's time in the event that you actually tried to find the answer but failed.


3. You lack persistence in the face of a probleM

The essence of programming is problem-solving. This is the reason for the creation of computers! Whenever you start working on a program, you run into a whole bunch of problems. And as soon as you find a solution to one problem, another almost always arises. You are moving forward, but there are always new obstacles.

It must be admitted that this heap of problems can be frightening and discouraging. If you think that everything should "just work", you will not have enough energy and strength to persist in working while problems appear one after another and gradually knock you out of emotional balance. Your job is precisely to figure out why something isn't working.

Patience and Acceptance: You need to understand that this area is made up of problems and should not be treated as problems but as challenges. Each challenge you face will give you more knowledge, deeper understanding and improve your ability to find new obstacles and overcome old ones faster.


4. You do not feel the joy of success in solving problems.

Related to the situation described above, when you give up easily, it is associated with the lack of "pleasant sensations" when you find a successful solution to the problem. When correcting mistakes turns into a tedious, endless mechanical labor, you lose the excitement of finding and finding a solution to the problem.


5. You lack patience with your studies.

The world of technology is like an endless ocean. You will never get to the edge, and you will never become such a professional who knows absolutely everything and has nothing more to teach. If this discourages you, you will constantly feel pressure to "catch up" with progress and feel that your knowledge will never be enough. If you cannot accept what you already know and then learn something else, you will feel like you are not going anywhere, and you will just give up.


6. You feel bored or tired of thinking too much

Programming is a mental activity. Man, as a species, is successful at this, but the reality is that even though we do this all the time, we are too lazy to really think. The ability to stay focused on a single problem for a while is challenging if you're not used to it.

Your brain is a muscle: Believe me, your brain is like a muscle: the more you tense it, the stronger it becomes, and the more efficiently you think. As you piece together the pieces of the puzzle, organize, analyze, and develop ideas, it becomes easier to find solutions.




While learning to program is quite difficult, it is definitely possible. The above list contains approaches and mindsets that get in your way, but most people are able to overcome these obstacles and become competent programmers, and even masters of their craft

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About the Author: Jimmy Jenkins has been working as a programmer at Write My Essay Cheap for several years now. Prior to that, he was a lecturer on the Full-stack Web-development course.

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