Show your temps some love this Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day. For some, a day to celebrate with flowers, chocolates, poems, and eating by candlelight. For others, a day of mourning to sport black from head to toe, and shovel Chinese takeout into your mouth while watching the "Twilight Zone" marathon on the Sci-Fi Channel. Ring any bells? I've had both.

Most of us can remember celebrating Valentine's Day in grade school. Your mom would take you to Walgreens to choose the box of cardboard valentines that most closely identified with whatever you were into at the time. For me, Jem and the Holograms with a message to "Have a Rockin' Valentine's Day!"

There was always a rule that valentines be distributed to each kid in your classroom, even the one who sat in the corner and ate glue during recess. Everyone got one, so no one felt left out.

With co-employment concerns flooding into every HR department, companies are so concerned about treating temps the same as full-time employees that they forget the importance of creating an all-inclusive culture in the office. By not inviting temps to company parties, meetings, and barbecues, the only thing companies are protecting themselves from is having their entire workforce feel valued.

We all know that employees who feel valued are more productive, so go ahead! Take a lesson from your grade school teacher and make every employee, full-time or temp, your Valentine this year.

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