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How to Use NLP Techniques to Turn Your Dreams into Reality

Businessman standing and making his choice between timesTime is the most valuable resource you will ever have in life. However, time is a limited resource whose availability is outside of your control. Most people could achieve many goals if given enough time.

Unfortunately, many of us waste it in not taking proper account of all the hours spent daily in activities like unplanned telephone calls, arguments, procrastinating, brief interruptions, watching TV and other bad habits that detract us from reaching our objectives. For this reason, individuals should consider using Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) techniques to help them achieve their goals.


time management and NLP techniques

Time management involves knowing how to improve your performance through planning, prevention of errors, prioritization, delegation, and excellent decision making. To achieve maximum efficiency, effective time management is crucial. It involves an orderly and planned approach to the task in hand.

NLP stands for Neuro-Linguistic Programming which is a method of controlling the mind to achieve a particular goal. It is significant in examining the connection between your aspirations, action plans, and resulting steps taken. Most people talk and dream about what they want but unfortunately, in many cases, these ideas remain just wishful thinking because no action is taken.

To move past this stage, one must find out if their dream is realistic, then convert it to a goal. NLP techniques will help you in almost all spheres of life in determining - what do you really want? How do you go about achieving your desired aim?


How to dream effectively

It is significant to note that not all dreams are worth pursuing, hence the need to determine which goals are personally meaningful and realistic. The thing you truly want to achieve will stick in your mind, thus you must make plans on how to achieve it. Effectively seeking a high-level goal may require the enactment of lower-level daily goals. Goal decomposition is a great way to avoid stress and depression that is common in such cases.

Here are 5 steps that will help in accomplishing your goals:

  • Discover what you really want. The wording of your goal is paramount. It is more motivating when you put it positively.
  • Determine if you can achieve it on your own. If a goal depends on other people, it remains just a dream because you are not in control of the result.
  • Determine why you really want it. This will help you more likely to remain motivated and achieve your goal.
  • Make a list of your action steps. The goal may look realistic and achievable but things don't happen by themselves. Make a "to-do" list detailing your steps aimed at achieving it. This breaks your aim into sub-goals which you can achieve gradually on and hence achieving your major one.
  • Take action. The above steps involve preparation and planning, however, you must execute the actions practically for results.


How to manage time according to NLP

NLP involves learning the language of the mind so you can understand what your purpose in life is. It provides methods of how to manage your time in a way that enables you to achieve your goals and get outcomes.

  • Identify your priorities, write them down and be specific on what you want to accomplish
  • Convert your priorities into concrete goals and identify the resources needed to accomplish each one
  • Set deadlines for each activity and mark it on your calendar to keep track of your commitments
  • Learn to say "NO" to opportunities that don't move you towards your goal fulfillment. All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. Allocate time for breaks and fun activities to avoid stress and thus help you attain meaningful goals.


NLP techniques

There are five basic techniques of NLP that influence the achievement of your goals

  1. Rapport - NLP enhances effective communication both within yourself and with others to achieve set objectives.
  2. Dissociation - this is a positive way of dealing with difficulties and overwhelming situations at work, home or in your relationships. You can then make decisions excellently.
  3. Reframe - this method allows you to view negative situations in a new light and hence enabling you to get positive outcomes from your dreams
  4. Anchoring - You induce a particular state of mind or emotions to deal with situations. For instance, you can use a happy event as an anchor for when you are sad or stressed.
  5. Change your beliefs - there are complex ideas, assumptions, and opinions that are embedded deep in your subconscious that affect your everyday life. These beliefs limit your behavior and may have negative or positive effects on your goal.


Benefits of using NLP techniques

There are vast benefits that one attains when they use NLP techniques. Some include :

  • This technique helps one to live the life they want. You can focus, hence have peace of mind and inner happiness
  • They are instrumental in the effective use of time as it ensures you prioritize and invest your resources in what you really want
  • It enables one to make choices and decisions aligned to your goals and avoid procrastination and other time wasters
  • Writing your goals allows you to measure your progress towards achieving your goals
  • Reduces stress by eliminating limiting beliefs and changing your way of thinking, hence, enabling you to perform optimally
  • Prioritization approach of accomplishing goals - When everything you have to do is significant, you get the notion that nothing is too important. Therefore, to be more productive and effective, you must ensure you focus on doing the right things at the right time and give it your best. When scheduling any task, determine if it is relevant and urgent. Urgent and important tasks should be prioritized, followed by urgent and non-important, then non-urgent and important and lastly non-urgent and unimportant tasks.


Final thoughts

NLP techniques ensure that you are doing rather than merely thinking about doing what you need to do to achieve your set goals. You lay the steps of dreaming a great dream, turning it into a realistic goal, making a plan for it, then taking action. You stay on track and make your actions towards achieving the aim part of your daily routine. The techniques teach one how to be single-minded and firm in any action such that distractions and time-wasters remain at bay. Use the above NLP techniques to reach your goals.



About the Author: Marion Selista is a freelance writer & a blogger, who specializes in life coaching for professional and personal empowerment. She is keen on writing about self-development, leadership, lifestyle and work-life balance. Her mission is to motivate and enlight people to live a successful and fulfilling life. Currently blogging for Smart Pill Wiki resource.

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